Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn (Sarsparilly)

 Well, howdy! Been a hot minute since I last blogged, eh? 😬

The first title that came to mind as I was styling this outfit was Punk Rock Princess but since the dress is called the Shimmy Shake dress, I felt an ode to the band Hello Goodbye was a better fit than Something Corporate. Clearly, Sarsparilly's new Cosmic Girl line has me feeling ALL the 2000's emo punk vibes!

When I saw this dress in all its pink puffy glory, I knew I had to pair it with an edgy leather jacket and boots for some good juxtaposition. You all know how much I love opposites! What better way to compliment something so feminine and pretty than with tough and black accessories? 

I actually snagged this jacket by Levi's specifically for this shoot. I've been looking for the perfect cropped moto jacket forever and spotted this one on Color Me Courtney's feed and knew it was the way to go. You can get it on Amazon in a variety of colors. 

I ordered a size large and it fits nice but thankfully not TOO snug. I was worried about the sleeves but didn't want to size up and have it look baggy. Nothing is worse than a baggy leather jacket, in my opinion! I also borrowed the cutest set of pins from Michael's collection to accessorize. These two reptiles going on a date are by Javi Designs and came in a whole variety of colors. This set just happened to match my look perfectly!

I had Sarsparilly send me this dress in XL as there isn't stretch and I had a feeling the L would have been too snug. There's room in the chest but their handy adjustable straps help tremendously there! I appreciate it when brands include adjustable straps. I ALWAYS have issues with straps being too loose on me so it's VERY helpful to be able to tighten them! 

As I was working with Sarsparilly for this amazing collaboration, I was faced with yet another glaringly obvious example of how RIDICULOUS women's clothing sizes are. I asked for this dress in an XL but ordered the cereal printed pedal pushers I recently rocked on Instagram in an L and its accompanied sweater in an M. Isn't that crazy?

Just goes to show you that the size on the tag doesn't mean a thing and we shouldn't let it bother us if we have to order a size bigger than we'd prefer. It means nothing! Just order the size that will fit you nicely and you'll feel GOOD in. THAT is what matters!