Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Anastasia We Have Heard on High (Bernie Dexter)

Happy December!

I've had this winter dress for months now, waiting for it to be appropriate to rock some holiday winter glam to give it a whirl. Well, here we are! The first full week of December. 

I don't know about you but I am in FULL holiday swing! I can't really fit a full-size tree in my apartment (my mini retro tree from Target will suffice this year), but I am excited to get a real tree for Michael's house this coming weekend. 

We're hoping to pick one from a farm near his house called - wait for it - Mistletoe Acres. HOW PRECIOUS IS THAT? I think of its name and immediately feel like we're in a Hallmark movie where I buy it to start my life over and build an adorable B&B on the premise. 

Then I hire someone to, like, fix my internet (Michael can play the role of the mysterious yet handsome handyman) and we butt heads and drive each other crazy but I totally fall for him by the end of the movie and we live happily ever after on Mistletoe Acres. 

OK Hallmark movie fantasy over. Back to this dress. If you follow the Bernie Dexter brand at all, you probably heard the sad news that the brand is closing its doors. While you can still purchase dresses on the website, Bernie is no longer designing dresses. It's too bad as I do enjoy her dresses with their zip front and high-quality cotton! They always fit really nicely. 

When she made the announcement, she had a sale to move some of her remaining inventory and I decided to take advantage and add this Anastasia dress to my wardrobe. If it looks familiar it's because I used to rock a Nicole in this fabric for many years

The Nicole is sadly too tight these days but this adorable Anastasia dress is a perfect replacement! I love the shorter length of the skirt and the unique neckline. It's a bit sexy, too! While I miss the long sleeves on the Nicole, I can easily throw a cardigan over this bad boy this winter. It'll be the perfect Christmas dress!