Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Portabello Road (Retrospec'd)

As you may recall from my last blog post, 2021 has been the year of me discovering and falling head over heels for the vintage reproduction brand, Retrospec'd. First, with the Connie I got second-hand from Bristol and then with the Fifi I bought from Modern Millie with a birthday gift card. 

Well, I guess Retrosepc'd wanted to fuel the Retrospec'd fire in my soul because they reached out to me to collaborate and kindly sent me a new Connie! 

I am officially Retrospec'd obsessed. I mean, look at the colors on this Connie Portabello Road dress! Not only do I adore the name (big mushroom fan here, ha!) but these colors are just perfection to me. The cold primary colors against the black cotton remind me a bit of the paint palette Mari dress by Bernie Dexter, which I sadly sold recently as it was too small for me. 

Needless to say, these colors were a happy re-addition to my wardrobe! 

Like my other Connie, this one fits like a dream and I love the button front, cuffed short sleeves, and its length. It pairs easily with a cardigan and will definitely be a staple in my collection. 

I went for the AUS14 (same as my previous Connie and my recent Fifi) and there were no surprises in the fit of the dress. It's nice that Retrospec'd size charts are pretty accurate but do vary from dress to dress at times so make sure you check that when ordering, just in case! 

It arrived right in time for Thanksgiving. Michael and I ventured out to my sister and her fiance's house for the holiday and I rocked my Connie! In fact, I snapped these photos on our way there as we had a little bit of extra time. Love when that happens!

Look at how cute we are!

One of the things I was scared of when I moved into my apartment last spring was being alone for the holidays. I really didn't think I'd find someone to share them with. But I DO and it is SO NICE to be spending them with Michael. I'm so lucky to have found him and have him in my life. It has made this season a billion times better than I expected. 

Thank you to Retrospec'd for sending me this gorgeous little number! You sure do know how to win a gal over.