Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Flowers for Fifi (Retrospec'd)

Ever since I received my first Retrospec'd dress second-hand from Bristol earlier this year, the brand has jumped higher on my favorites list. I was impressed by the fit and quality of the Connie dress (and it's now my lucky dress as it is what I wore on my first date with Michael back in May - awwww!) and knew I had to get more Retrospec'd in my life.

Retrospec'd is an Australian brand and clearly knows the value of good quality fabrics and a well-fitted garment. Their dresses can be on the pricey side for some (me included!), often in the $138-$148 USD range. While that isn't TOO crazy (compared to a Bernie Dexter that retails between $168 and $172), I try to never spend more than $100 on a dress. I MIGHT be swayed to pay up to $115 if it's something special but it would sting to do so. 

When I found myself with a Modern Millie gift card this summer (thank you, Dave & Jen!), I hung onto it for a bit, assuming I'd snag something festive for Halloween or Christmas. But then I remembered they carried Retrospec'd and I decided to treat myself to another great dress!

The Fifi dress did not disappoint! I ordered it in the same size as the one I already own - US10/AUS14 - and it fits like a dream - as in, it fits me PERFECTLY. Just like the Connie dress already in my collection, the Fifi is cotton and made really well with adjustable straps (AMAZING!) and a good zipper. 

I adore the bright colors and can't wait to rock all kinds of cardigans and hats with it this winter. It will also be just lovely in the spring/summer when it's warmer and I can just throw it on and go. We all know how much I appreciate that in a dress!

I am SO excited that it's November. It came SO fast and I MIGHT be in full holiday mode! I started my shopping VERY early this year to stay within budget and spread out the spending a bit but still have a few things to get and I am just LOVING it. I love buying gifts for others. It's one of my absolute favorite things to do (yep, it's one of my giving love languages). 

Thanksgiving and Chanukah are just around the corner (the first night of Chanukah is November 28th this year, if you can believe it!)! I can't wait! I have a Friendsgiving to look forward to as well. As many may recall, I've hosted one for the last, gosh, 5 or 6 years. Obviously, now that I live in my cozy loft, it couldn't happen and I was sad to see the tradition go! Alas, a friend who just bought a home stepped up to the plate to host and we're now having a Friendsgiving slash housewarming party with them. 

Friendsgiving is saved! And now I have the perfect dress to wear!