Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Thrifting Magic (Christopher John Rogers for Target)

My goodness has it been a whirlwind few weeks! For the last two weeks of September, I was in Colorado for an epic work trip - one week in Boulder getting to work alongside my team and other colleagues and one week in Denver for our annual conference. And last week I just felt like mush trying to get back into my normal routine. 

It was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC getting to be with my coworkers in the flesh (I am fully remote from Massachusetts and have never met them in person since starting in January 2021!) and then working with our customers at our conference. I cannot even find the words to describe my experience there with everyone. It felt so good to put faces to names (it just isn't the same when limited to Zoom calls) and get to see the event come to fruition after all the planning (my favorite part of all event planning!) -  I even moderated a session! 

Prior to my epic trip to the Mid-west, Michael and I spent a day together getting milkshakes and thrifting (wow does that day feel like AGES ago now!). I was looking for pieces for my Halloween costume and was successful right off the bat. Then we both seemed to spot this dress from afar at the same time, pointed, and said "Ooooo!" 

I plucked it from the dress rack and fell in love with the bright colors, big sleeves, and flowy skirt. I figured it was going to be way too small as it's a medium but it almost fits me perfectly! There is actually some room in the waist but that is easy to fix with a belt! 

Upon further investigation, I learned it is by designer Christopher John Rogers and it was designed for Target earlier this year. I have NO idea what it retailed for when it was in stock at Target (and had no idea this collection even existed!) but, on eBay, some are being sold anywhere from $65 to $189! 

Guess what I paid at the thrift store? $12!

I have to give all credit to Michael, my very handsome partner in crime. He was the one that encouraged me to buy it and give it a shot despite my concerns of it being too long. It IS very long and I was worried it'd swallow me whole, but he pushed me to grab it - along with a cute little lady who overheard us and agreed with him that I had to have it. She was at least 3 inches shorter than me and said, "You think you're too short for it? If I weren't as short as I am, I'd have snagged it for myself!"

I considered getting it hemmed (and still might eventually) but for now, I'm rocking it as is and letting it be its extra self (I mean, LOOK at that skirt). I also think it'd be super cute worn open/unbuttoned with a pair of leggings under it when it gets cooler out, too!

While it's definitely longer than my usual attire, I am quite in love with it and have no trouble giving credit where it's due. Ladies and gents, I give you Designer Target Thrift Store Chic, styled by Michael!