Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Queen of the Underworld (Timeless London)

Just in time for spoopy season, Timeless London reached out to me for a collaboration. I had the HARDEST time choosing a dress for them to generously send me but then I spotted this Lynette Animal dress and knew it'd make the sassiest look for October.

This dress will be adorable all winter long with its 3/4 sleeves but how epic does it look with these witchy boots and demonic horns!? I stumbled upon them at the Spirit Halloween store after I returned from my trip and even though I was originally planning for a witch's hat, Michael convinced me that these demon horns were destined for these photos. 

As usual, he was right! All that's missing are the gates to the underworld! 

Timeless London offers sizes from XS to 4XL, which is refreshing to see! I ordered an XL and found it to be a great fit. Actually, it kind of fits me perfectly. It's always freaky when that happens! 

I knew I had to partner with Timeless London after reading their website and learning about their sustainability mission and goals. They're actively moving away from conventional cotton, polyester, and nylon and sourcing Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton, natural fibers, and recycled fabrics. 

Currently, in 2021, 30% of their clothing is made of environmentally friendly material. Their goal for 2022 is to have 70% of clothing made from environmentally friendly material. I admire their passion and as I work for a company that also takes sustainability seriously, it couldn't have been a better match. I look forward to supporting Timeless London in the future and buying more dresses from them! 

I recently snagged tickets to see Hadestown with Michael in Boston and since the musical is described as a "hell-raising journey to the underworld and back," I do believe I have found my dress for the evening! 

The horns may have to stay home, however...