Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi, Princess of Genovia

 "Your majesty, only Paolo can take THIS and THIS and give you...a princess."

I truly don't remember what triggered the idea to be the makeover scene from the Princess Diaries (if I had to guess it was the last time I straightened my hair or while brushing it out before a shower and seeing its massive poof-ability), but I've had this idea for over a year now. It originally came to me somewhere between 2019 and 2020 but then I had to store the idea in the memory bank as COVID killed ANY and ALL Halloween plans for 2020.

"Me? A...princess? SHUT UP!!"

This year didn't seem promising either but I figured I shouldn't hide my clever costume idea any longer and decided to just execute it for the sake of good photos for the 'gram. My company is also throwing a costume contest so I wanted to do something GOOD to try to win the votes.

"I can't be a princess! I'm still waiting for normal body parts to arrive!"

Jen and Dave ended up hosting a small spooky get-together last weekend, however, so my costume was utilized IRL after all! It kind of took a lot of work all in all but I am glad I stuck with it because LOOK AT THESE PHOTOS. I am obsessed. Take THAT, Paolo (yup, I did just name drop the stylist from the movie).

"You know, most kids hope for a car for their 16th birthday, not a country!"

Originally I was going to get my makeup half done at a Sephora but then the thought of walking OUT of said Sephora with only half a face done up made me want to scream. Then I considered hiring a friend but everyone was either too busy or too far away. So I decided to just give makeup a try for myself! Granted, this is as simplified as possible (I am no Kylie Jenner), but I think the effect is still...decent (BIG thank you to my girl, Jess, for giving me some of her spare makeup and a brief tutorial). 

"I don't want to rule my own country, I just want to pass the tenth grade."

And before you ask...yes. Yes I did cut a pair of glasses in half for the mid-makeover photos (thank you, Dave, for helping me with that!). But don't worry! They're not one of my prescription glasses. Just a cheap pair I snagged on Amazon for this costume. OH THE THINGS I DO FOR THE SAKE OF CREATIVITY!

I hope my fellow Millenials come to my aide and appreciate the reference and hard work to pull this off. I knew making my hair fluffy and frizzy would be a piece of cake but OH BOY I forgot how tiring straightening my hair gets. My arms are still tired from it all. 

"Somebody sat on me again."

Did I learn anything in the process? Absolutely. I will continue to NOT wear makeup EVER because HOLY MOLY the time it takes. No thanks. It was a bit fun doing it for this occasion but I'll stick to my trademark lipstick and nothing more!

Happy Halloween, peanuts! Enjoy the clip that started it all: