Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Perfectly Pinup

 Greetings from Boulder, CO! As this blog goes live, I am in Colorado for a two-week business trip! I'm spending one week at my company's office and then the second week in Denver for our annual conference. It's going to be crazy but fantastic!

I didn't want to wait until after my trip to share this super fun outfit so I pulled it together in-between packing sessions and hopped out for some quick photos. I finally got to meet up with Jen and Dave recently to celebrate all our birthdays. It started out as my birthday celebration but our plans kept getting delayed by life so by the time we got a plan locked and loaded, all three of our birthdays had passed (I'm in July, Dave is in August, Jen is in September) so we lumped them all together. 

Jen and Dave found me some beautiful vintage glasses for my mid-century bar setup but if that wasn't enough, Jen also made me this adorable cheeky wrap skirt! How amazing is the fabric? I keep falling in love with a different sassy lady every time I look at it. 

I don't wear skirts much anymore but it was fun to style this one. I have found that I am less comfortable in separates now that I've gained a bit of weight and my waist has thickened a bit. My squishy middle is more squishy these days, that's for sure! While the Sara a few years ago would just grab a waist cincher and be done with it, I decided to stop wearing shapewear a couple years back and refuse to go back. 

I was so concerned with how these photos would come out but I surprised myself by how much I liked them when I started editing. It just goes to show you that you're your own worst enemy and judge. All my worry was over nothing! I still feel better in dresses vs skirts but this made me check myself and realize I need to be less harsh about it. 

Despite the fact that it still feels like summer, I couldn't resist styling the skirt with this cute striped top I got from one of Collectif's sales. It just worked so well with the bathing beauty's yellow striped bathing suit. Twinsies!

It's always so fun when I receive a handmade gift from Jen. She is just so talented! We had both completely forgotten that she still has some fabric I picked out last fall to create something with so we'll aim for Christmas for that. In the meantime, I'll be rocking this adorable skirt around town, making people blush everywhere I go! 

The blog has felt a bit sporadic as of late but I hope you bear with me! I will return with a beautiful thrift store find after my trip so keep an eye out in early October for that! And then it's spooky time and I've got a FUN Halloween costume to share this year (assuming Halloween parties are a thing in 2021).