Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Painted Polka Dots (Collectif)

Is my Collectif sale haul from July still going? Why yes, yes it is! I ordered 4 dresses total and this is the 3rd and final one I have to share on the blog. Not to imply that there is a 4th rejected dress somewhere in my apartment. I've just shared that one via Instagram and didn't bother with a full post.

If this Judy dress looks familiar at all to anyone, it may be because I own the same dress in a different print and shared that dress LAST summer after scoring it in that sale! It is still one of my favorites so I made sure to grab this amazing red and white version when I spotted it this time around. 

I just ADORE this dress. It was a last-minute add to my shopping cart and I didn't think much of it but when I put it on, it made me go "oooo!" It's just so CUTE and, like the other Judy in my closet, fits me perfectly. I had been avoiding red for a bit since I had so much in my collection but these days, most of those are gone and no longer fit so a new red dress was much needed. 

I threw on this vintage paint palette brooch my Bubbie recently gifted me as I felt it was the perfect fit with these "painted" polka dots, as Collectif calls them. Definitely gives it an artsy vibe. All I am missing is my off-white beret but it was FAR too humid when I took these photos to pull it on my head. I can't wait for the cooler weather to come so I can wear my berets again! I miss that weather!! 

I am also excited for spoopy season. It made me sad to move into an apartment without a yard or private entrance for I have BINS full of holiday decor from living in a house with PLENTY of outdoor space to decorate. 

Alas, my knight in shining armor has the opposite problem (a house without any decor!) so I plan to bring my bins full of delight to his house and will decorate his space to my heart's delight. I'm not sure he's aware of what he is getting into. But I know my vintage blow molds and lifesize skeleton will look FANTASTIC on his porch! 

I am just excited that tomorrow is September. I say this all the time but I am the happiest in the months that end in "BER." Bring on the fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, all my December babies' birthdays (seriously, I have so many people in my life with December birthdays), and winter! 

I love it all! It's just so cozy and warm. I adore it. 

And how about that...this dress is gonna be EXTREMELY cute accessorized for Christmas!