Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Lovely Brielle (Collectif)

 If you see this dress and immediately feel anxiety over it getting dirty, then you are one of my people.

Despite the OVERLOAD of white in this Brielle Love hearts swing dress, my heart went pitter-patter at the adorable pink heart print, border, and belt. I decided it was worth the risk and included it in my recent Collectif 50% off sale purchase. 

I'm not really a clumsy or messy person but you know the drill - the moment you're in white, SOMETHING spills or you brush up against a dirty car or get an unexpected hug by a sticky-fingered toddler. 

White danger aside, the Brielle is lovely to wear. When I first opened it, I loved how soft the fabric was! It's buttery soft and has a good amount of stretch to it. So much so that I gave it a ride in the dryer after I washed it to shrink it a bit. 

I ordered the UK14 so it makes me wonder if the UK12 would have worked just fine but these days I'd rather be safe than sorry! In the end, it shrunk the perfect amount and now fits wonderfully. 

Lately, I've started quite the dress backlog. All these pretty dresses I've bought this summer have started to pile up on the back of my closet door (my "to wear next" hanging space, naturally). I just don't have enough places/events to wear them to! 

It makes me realize how I really DO need to start holding back from buying them now that there is no office to go to every day. I just can't keep up with how many I have waiting to be worn - even with a handsome fella to strut about town with! 

Makes me a bit sad to let pretties pass me by, but I also know it will do me some good to hold off for just the really special ones. My wallet will thank me, too, I am sure! Saving some money could do us all some good, after all!