Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Electric Blue (Unique Vintage)

Look! I managed to take photos without any drama for once! Well, mostly without drama. There will always be drama.

Luckily, the drama that occurred while I was snapping these photos was not focused on me. While I was standing there, by my trusty bridge by my apartment building, minding my own business and posing to and fro, a massive 16-wheeler carrying what seemed like two truckloads of chopped trees attempted to take a right hand turn onto my street. It did not do well.

The walkway I am posing on is right along my busy street so while the bridge and river are on one side of me, the street is on my other. As I am snapping away, I am watching this truck try and fail to turn out of my peripheral vision and it is COMICAL. I felt so bad. While this is happening, traffic is forming on all sides. So now, instead of cars driving by me, they are now lined up beside me....stopped. Ah yes, drama. I suddenly had an audience as I took these photos. UTTER RIDICULOUSNESS.

But compared to the bad luck of my previous post, I was fine with it and didn't care. The show must go on! I hope they enjoyed the show. I am sure they were VERY confused as to why there was a random lady in a dress taking photos on the sidewalk while a log trug tried its best to turn right just ahead. WHAT A STORY! I hope they went home and had dinner with their families and told them all about it.

Speaking of dress - look at this beauty by Unique Vintage! While Bristol was here for a long weekend, we made a stop at Modern Millie's and did some shopping. I originally tried on the romper version of this dress (because I am apparently a romper person now) but it totally made me look like a toddler so I gave the dress a try. I didn't expect to like it but HOLY MOLY this dress! The bow! The blue straps (which are adjustable, by the way), the ruched bust, the blue...cherries? Yup, not blueberries. They're cherries.

I went with the XL. With its shirred backing, the large MAY have fit but I couldn't get it zipped on my own and, well, that has to be considered when you live with just a feline who cannot zip your dress for you in the morning. Man, how great would that be if she could? 

I am glad I now know what size to get this style. UV releases this dress every season (or so it seems) in various prints and given how well it fits and how flattering the cut is on me, I am so gonna snag me more in the future. 

Before I go, the big Collectif 50% off sale is happening NOW! I recently sold a few Bernie Dexter dresses that were never gonna fit again and with those funds got me 4 new Collectif pretties so stay tuned - you know this blog is gonna turn into a Collectif love fest once they arrive. 

Happy shopping!