Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Sun Soaked

 Recently, my girl Kristina at The Eyre Effect started liquidating her vintage stock and so, like any vintage-lovin' gal would do, I followed and stalked and crept as she shared what she was parting ways with. She has been selling a lot of really great things but not all in my size. Luckily, I spotted this happy-go-lucky number and snatched it right up.

This little retro dress looked perfectly summery. It certainly checks off all the boxes - lightweight, bright, colorful, and fun! What else does a gal need?

Kristina and I had a laugh over the belt. With two golden-yellow buttons on it, the belt is the perfect addition to the dress. Just one thing - the belt has no buttonholes or any way to fasten! I simply pinned it here for photos but it was sure amusing to discover that and then wonder how on EARTH the belt was supposed to stay on. I plan to add a snap or two eventually but, for now, a pin works just fine. Who's to know?

Turns out this isn't rare with vintage, especially items that are handmade. Kristina mentioned a dress she found that had TWO ZIPPERS - one in the back AS WELL AS on the side. She also recalled one with snaps under the arm that left her wondering, HOW AND WHY? Was it laziness? Was it women winging it and making it work? Who knows. It's part of the mystery and charm of vintage, I suppose.

These earrings are also vintage and from a friend so I suppose that is this week's theme. My partner in crime in work and life, Jess, sent these to me for my birthday and how LOVELY are they? She even remembered to send me clip-ons. Be still my heart! I knew immediately that they'd match this dress but also will pair nicely with MANY of my outfits. I just adore them! 

I haven't bought any true vintage in a long time, mostly because I don't fit into a lot of it these days (oh the good ol' days of having a 28" waist, LOL) but also just because so much of it feels so DELICATE that I hate to spend a ton of money on something I won't wear a lot in fear of it ripping or wearing down easily. 

This dress doesn't feel TOO delicate, however, and that makes me glad. I can certainly throw it on throughout the summer for trips to the ice cream stand (I've got quite a list to work through before summer's end!) and wherever else the next few months lead me.

And that could be anywhere at this rate! It's becoming quite an interesting season...