Tuesday, July 6, 2021

La Vie En Rose (Smitten Kitten Unique Boutique)

Welcome back from all of your 4th of July festivities! Anyone else have a wild weekend? I ended up on a semi-spontaneous road trip to Scranton, PA for a music festival, making my weekend much more adventurous than I originally planned for. 

There was driving (a lot of driving), snacks-a-plenty (we made a pit stop at Donut Crazy in New Haven, CT, and I found one epic banana cream donut), late-night dancing in a muddy field (discovered a new favorite band called Doom Flamingo), a quaint but charming Airbnb experience, an incredible diner breakfast the morning after (I see you, Terry's Diner), and more. If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you might have even seen tiny snippets. 

But hey, it's summer - the time for YES and SURE and - my recent motto for 2021 - WHY THE FUCK NOT?

It was quite surreal. 

Alas, I have returned to normal life and I am here with another gorgeous dress from Smitten Kitten Unique Boutique that is sure to be a new favorite. This Elena dress (in the La Vie En Rose print) is gorgeous and SO easy to pull on for a cute summer adventure - though perhaps not outdoor music festival level of adventure. 

Side note for those curious, I did not wear a dress this weekend and rocked JEANS at the festival. I was prepared in jeans, boots (hello, mud!), a tied-up Hawaiian shirt, and bright pink lipstick. Oh and my rain jacket, which came VERY much in handy as storm clouds came and went all afternoon and evening. 

But back to the dress! The Elena is just lovely quality all around. Based on my measurements, I received a size large and it fits rather perfectly. 

You KNOW I am ALL about dresses with concealed front zips and there's a bit of spandex in this number, too, so it's more than comfortable (97% cotton and 3% spandex, to be exact!).  

I hope your July is off to a wonderfully adventurous start!