Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Darling Denise (Hearts & Roses)

I had every intention of having this blog post up last week but alas, ended up with a brief unexpected blog break due to...well...annoyances. 

A busy busy weekend combined with the most miserable weather lately (seriously, July has been nothing but insane humidity or RAIN) with the addition of the worst luck (typical for me) led to me just throwing up my hands and saying "fuck it - I'll try again next week!"

When I noticed last Monday was a perfectly overcast day with lower humidity than normal, I thought to myself "self, get out there and snap some pics on your lunch break!" so I did. I knew where I wanted to go and everything so even though it was the Monday after my long weekend and I was tired and a smidge overwhelmed with catching up on my inbox, I got myself dressed and out the door. 

Wanna know what happened? I'm driving to my location - only 7 minutes away - and as I pull into the parking lot, it is raining. I say it that way because there was not even a single DROP of rain on my windshield until I arrived at my destination. OF COURSE, THERE WAS A LITTLE RAIN CLOUD HANGING OVER MY PHOTO SPOT. 

I'm not kidding. It wasn't raining anywhere else. I sat there, in disbelief, and fumed. Then I got back in the car and went back home. I suppose I could have just found a different location or waited to see if the rain would pass but when I slip out on my lunch break to snap photos, I don't have unlimited time to drive around town like I would on a weekend. It's gotta be quick. I was also just way too frustrated and had a meeting in less than an hour so I just gave up. 

Luckily, I had another shot at taking photos this weekend. I'd add a comical "phew!" here but alas, my bad luck wasn't done with me yet. A fine gentleman (and a very handsome one at that!) suggested a lovely spot by his office recently, one with a lovely waterfall behind a bridge among a luscious green landscape. But as you can tell by these photos, upon arrival, though very lovely, we found the waterfall to be...off. I CANNOT MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

Despite the seemingly endless string of bad luck, I made the most of the lovely spot despite the lack of a waterfall and did the best I could while my adorable partner in crime skateboarded around the parking lot. Yup, I finally landed me a true sk8er boi. My Avril-loving middle school self would be SO PLEASED.

SO. I got this Denise dress from Modern Millie's recently. It's by Hearts & Roses and I have always liked how that brand fit. I got a UK12 which fit just about perfectly! I can't get over the color palette, even though it took me longer than I'd care to admit to choose what color to accessorize with. Sometimes having a LOT of choices is harder than a few!