Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Seeing Double: Twinning in Emily & Fin

No need to fix your mobile devices or laptop screens - you truly are seeing double! You may recognize this Emily and Fin dress from a windy post back in December. You may even recall that when I bought it from Modern Millie, I ordered two - one for myself and one for Jen for Christmas. 

Ever since I gifted the dress to her, we have been dying to take some photos together again. It had been too long since we last had a photo adventure (OMG look at baby Sara and baby Jen from the day we first met in person!) and it was so fun posing for the camera again! 

We explored a local mill that is now an "indoor streetscape" of storefronts, markets, and refreshments. The redone space gave us plenty of options for fun photos - you all know I love my repurposed locations for photos!

I hadn't seen Jen and her hubs, Dave, since I first moved back in early March so it was a great day to reunite for some adventuring. Jen and Dave have been my adventure buddies since we first met in 2016 and it didn't feel right without our day trips all throughout this pandemic! 

We ventured around Mill No. 5 in Lowell, snapping photos in and outside the building between shopping in all the adorable shops inside. We also had some tasty sandwiches in one of the cafes in the building. I love an old mill-turned-shops setup and I can't believe I didn't know this one existed so close to me! The mill was also pretty empty (it was the first HOT weekend in MA so we assumed everyone headed to the beach) and that was nice - it has been overwhelming in crowds so having the place nearly to ourselves was a relief. 

We may have had TOO much fun snapping photos - we even went as far as staging our version of creepy twin poses and I immediately thought of these older shots of the Olsen twins in their matching overalls. I may have also started singing this song in my head. Come on, how could I NOT? 

It's also interesting to compare this blog with the original post for this dress. Boy, what a different place I was in. Sure, literally, but my heart aches for the woman in the photos taken in December. She was so conflicted, so adrift and confused. Not to mention struggling to find a new job and see the future even remotely clearly. 

And here she is, 7 months later, and DAMN. Great job, great apartment, new people and new experiences all around her, and a MUCH clearer view in sight. It's....astounding, honestly. 

I am looking forward to this summer. I truly am. I can't believe I am saying that. Last summer was the loneliest few months of my life. I was alone for most of it and never felt so unlike me. This summer is going to be a whole different story. I am reclaiming it and it's going to be GREAT. 

Just a sample of the ridiculousness that goes on between every great shot when we get together