Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What's Sara Reading? Broken (in the Best Possible Way)

Truth be told, I wore and photographed this dress weeks before starting Jenny Lawson's new book, Broken (in the Best Possible Way), but when I uploaded the photos to edit them, I immediately saw the perfect match to the cover and BOOM, here we are. 

I adore Jenny Lawson and have been following her blog and on social media for years now. I've read all her memoirs and always appreciated how honest and open she was about her odd upbringing and struggles with depression and anxiety. She manages to tell her painful tales with humor and lets you laugh with her at some of the crazy and ridiculous things that happen to her. She basically would be an incredible friend to have in real life, IMO, and I wish I could share a plate of nachos with her. 

Broken (in the Best Possible Way) is no different from her previous memoirs and is full of woe, raw honesty, and humor. You find yourself feeling bad for laughing at some of her witty recollections but then also feeling relieved since it's about time that we discuss mental illness without the stigma and let people who struggle share their stories. Jenny chooses to do so with laughter. 

Don't get me wrong, there are some heartwrenching chapters and moments. Her open letter to American health insurance left me teary-eyed on the plane back from Vegas a couple weeks back. In it, she explains how health insurance must want her to be dead because of how impossible they make it for her to feel OK. It's awful and tore my heart out. 

I found this adorable summer-ready Chrissie dress at Modern Millie's! The brand is Saint Geraldine and is sadly no longer available from Millie's. I actually had my eye on it months ago but never pulled the trigger. Then, MM offered a sale on top of their sale section and when I saw it was included, I snagged it up. I ordered an XL but think I could have gone with L. I was just worried about the L smooshing my chest and nothing is worse than smooshed boobies! 

Regardless, it's lovely and a breeze to throw on. It is hard to tell by these photos but the stripes are quite colorful and have some blue in there as well as pink. I had a HARD time styling it for these photos (debated between pink and blue accents) and, naturally, when I ended up at this location, wished I went for blue. But oh well, what can ya do? Next time. 

I also just cannot believe May is wrapping up. Come at me, June! Bring on my Hot Girl Summer!!