Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Coming Up Lilacs (Bernie Dexter)

 Some gorgeous flowers would have made a better backdrop for these photos - too bad I actually photographed this outfit back in April (or maybe it was still March?!)! I kept pushing this post off that it ended up falling into May and then I took a bit of a vacation last week and knew it'd be great to just schedule this post for the week after so I didn't have to worry about photos upon my return. I love when I can plan ahead!

I pulled this outfit together for a date last month and figured it was silly to NOT snap photos before I ventured out. I couldn't think of anywhere new so I returned to my new favorite spot - the bridge next to my apartment building. It's just such a reliable spot.

I snagged this Bernie Dexter secondhand on a Facebook group and was excited as I had sold a previous lilac print by her. I did not expect this to fit the way it did, however! It's too big! I know the Chelsea style usually does run big but I was surprised at how big. But that didn't stop me - I just threw on a belt and a cardigan. And if shrinking it in the dryer doesn't do the trick, I may just see if I can adjust the straps myself to get a better fit. 

Last week was a MUCH needed break from life. My sister and I decided to take a semi-impromptu trip to Las Vegas for 3 days to just unplug. We wanted to see the Grand Canyon and just sit by the pool with nothing and no one bothering us. So we did just that! Her fella, Lawrence, and his friend, Corey, came along and the four of us enjoyed a few days vegging out and exploring! It was exactly the same as I remember it and I got to revisit my favorite place on earth - the Neon Museum - and eat way too much good food everywhere we went. 

And the best thing happened while we were there! At the Grand Canyon, Lawrence proposed to Emma! My little sister is engaged, y'all! I am SO EXCITED! I'm going to have a brother-in-law!! 

We are psyched and it was so fun helping him plan the surprise. I know she was onto us a bit but I don't think that she knew WHAT we had cooked up for her!

Oh, what's that? You noticed how I just casually slipped in the mention of a date earlier? Ha! Well, that's all you're gonna get. 

A lady doesn't kiss and tell...