Wednesday, May 5, 2021

A Little Bit Alexis (Unique Vintage)

Any Schitt's Creek fans out there? When I saw the name of this Unique Vintage dress was, in fact, Alexis, my brain just hit play on the "A Little Bit Alexis" theme song and all I could see was Alexis doing her famous dance in her thigh-high boots and itty bitty dress. 

When I finally settled into my new apartment back at the end of February, I decided to reward myself for my resilience (that is my word for 2021 - I am RESILIENT!) and place an order with Unique Vintage. I was nervous to - their sizing doesn't always suit my body type so it's a gamble! - but I snagged this Alexis dress along with their newest (and GORGEOUS) Bethany dress to spice up my spring and summer attire and I am overall glad I did!

By the way, get used to this cozy backdrop. It's actually the back of my apartment building! My apartment is the ONLY one with a back door to this little backyard area and I intend to make it my own personal outdoor photo studio. 

You can't see it but right beside me is a river and it's so lovely to listen to it as I fall asleep every night. Rubix has been enjoying her mornings in the window of my bedroom while I work over in my little office nook, keeping an eye on the activity in and around the river (when she isn't snoozing, of course). 

So! Sizing! I went by the size chart and opted for the XL/14 because, as I usually do with UV, I fall between sizes (currently between L and XL). I find it odd how big of a jump is between their sizes compared to other brands, but oh well! I had a feeling the L would have been too fitted and I didn't want to be uncomfortable or clingy in this delicate fabric. 

Plus, I'd so rather have a dress be spacious - that's an easy fix with a cinched belt!

Room to breathe is good for a dress, anyway - especially as it gets warmer outside and we creep closer to all the good spring and summer food! Pass me the ice cream and BBQ fare, STAT! Yummy!!