Wednesday, April 7, 2021

What's Sara Reading? First & Then by Emma Mills

Recently, I had the honor to be a guest on a bookish podcast called "What Will You Read Next?" and while chatting with fellow bookworm Vanessa about our favorite reads (as well as my writing and publishing adventures), she mentioned how she enjoyed my book reviews with an outfit styled to match the cover and I realized I couldn't remember the last time I did one! 

So here I am, rocking another new Unique Vintage dress from my recent order to match my latest read - First & Then by Emma Mills. Sometimes I still divulge in a young adult read every now and then. You just don't get the same angst, drama, and detail in "adult" fiction. 

I find adult fiction to be a bit more on the dry side with...well...a lot of things so whenever I miss getting my heart ripped out by a story, I reach for a good YA read. 

First & Then is your typical coming of age about an angsty high school student. Devon is just trying to figure it all out and is being thrown curveballs left and right in the form of unexpected people in her life - her cousin as well as the handsome jock at school. Her cousin is now living with her family and is half annoying but half a welcome addition to her life. And the impending threat of "the future" combined with her crush on her best friend has just made her life that much more stressful. 

But what is this? Has Devon managed to catch the eye of the famous and brooding Ezra, star of the football team? Well, well, well! A twist!

All this to say, I really enjoyed First & Then. I appreciated that it wasn't cliche and didn't follow the usual tripe of two unexpected high schoolers falling in love. It wasn't your typical girl meets boy and I really enjoyed the relationship Devon had with her cousin, Foster. She reminded me of Mae Whitman in The Duff. Just this angsty rebellious gal trying to get through high school unscathed. 

The Bethany swing dress from UV was the perfect match for this colorful book cover. I am so excited to add this rainbow number to my collection for the spring - look at that flower pocket detail! Yup, the flower itself is a pocket! It's precious! 

I ordered the XL to avoid the buttons pulling and it definitely was big on me (it is SO HARD to be an in-betweenie!) so I threw it in the dryer the first time I washed her and she shrunk up just the right amount. Love it when that happens! 

Now, the white skirt makes me EXTREMELY NERVOUS to sit anywhere but I don't think anyone would notice if I refuse to sit anywhere when it finally makes its debut in society, do you?