Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Spontaneous Blossoms (Lady V London)

This blog post was a bit of a happy accident! I got this dress from Lady V London recently and wasn't planning to blog it until it felt more like spring around here but as I was running an errand last week, I noticed all the trees were blooming around town and I sprung into action. 

I have learned from many springs in the past that there is a very limited window of time when the trees look so beautiful before the flowers fall. I have missed said window many times! So when I drove by this little area covered in pink petals outside of an apartment complex, I knew what I had to do and went back later that evening to photograph this colorful beauty among the pink trees. 

Unlike last week's frustrating blog experience, this one played nice. The sun was out but there were clouds all over and as I pulled up to this spot, the sun was shining bright right on the spot. Sunshine is beautiful, don't get me wrong, but when I am working with a remote shudder with my camera on my tripod, I don't have the ability to mess with my settings to accommodate like I normally can when shooting someone else with my camera in hand. So I aim for overcast to minimize that challenge. 

Spotting a massive cloud nearing, I set myself up and hoped it'd move over the sun. It JUST BARELY did and I moved quick among the trees to snap these photos before it peaked back out again. Luckily for me, it remained hidden for just long enough for me to get all the shots I wanted and emerged from its cloud cover as I made my way back to my car to head back home. 


I know, blogging is a REAL EXCITING LIFE. It's not. It's really, really not. 

Lady V London is one of my reliable brands and their clothes are always good quality and fit nicely. They remind me of classic LindyBop (RIP) of the early years in that way. They have great sales every so often and I snagged this dress in a recent payday sale they had for 20% off. 

As I am finding in most brands these days, I am now smack dab between L and XL (or in LVL's case, 14 and 16). I went with the 16 to be safe, worried the 14 would smush my bust too much (no one wants a smooshed bust!). I probably couldn't have gone with the 14. I forgot that LVL uses stretchy cotton! 

With extra space in the bust (naturally), I threw it in the dryer after its first wash and tried to shrink it a bit. It now fits nearly PERFECTLY! I love when the dryer comes in handy that way! Definitely has been handy a lot lately as I figure out my new sizing. Anyone else adjusting that way lately? 

Yeesh, 2020-2021 has been interesting for bodies, hasn't it?