Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Mad About Margot (Emily and Fin)

I've got another beauty of an Emily and Fin dress for you this week! Last week I went to the dark side a bit and today, I'm more peachy keen. Or, I suppose it's more fitting to say orange-y keen?

This orange-covered print stood out to me IMMEDIATELY when I was browsing the E&F lookbook for summer and I knew I had to get SOMETHING. I wanted to try another style I didn't have already so I went for the Margot. 

However, I did not realize how much longer the Margot style is compared to other E&F dresses. I mean, I knew it was longer in length, but it didn't click in my head somehow. Being just 5'2", the dress swallowed me! As I walked, I could feel the hem on my heel. Nope, that would not do! 

Luckily, it's an easy tweak and I had a local tailor hem it for me - he took off 5 inches to accommodate my petite frame! Now that it's hemmed a bit, it feels WAY better and definitely suits me better. I am ready for some easy breezy summer afternoons in this dress, let me tell you. It makes me want to pack a picnic lunch and meet a handsome fella in the park. Sounds like a dream!

As usual with many of my blog adventures, this shoot had its annoyances with people just being in the right place at the most annoying of times. Like, how do they KNOW? I stumbled upon this old abandoned building (it appears to have been an auto repair shop) earlier in the week on my way to meet someone for dinner and I mentally bookmarked it for later when I'd be out shooting this dress. The brick building is accented with so much bright orange, it was perfect! 

Fast forward to a few days later, ready to shoot. I gather my things, get my camera ready, and head out to my new discovery to snap some photos before the sun goes down. Naturally, as I pull up I see it isn't empty like it was just days before. No, of course not. A big white van is sitting in the lot DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE BUILDING and some guy is sitting in a pickup truck beside that van, just...chilling? Like...WHY?

I considered pulling over somewhere and waiting them out but, alas, it was nearly sundown. No time for that! I was FUMING. So I just pulled in at the other end of the lot and worked with whatever angles I could to capture the orange building without getting their vehicles in the shots. Their chosen spots blocked a lot of my possible angles and it was infuriating all around. But I made do. 

In all the fuss, I failed to get any closeups of the perfect accessories I paired with this dress - my orange hairpiece and the unique cuff bracelet I got from my Bubbie's collection! They matched perfectly and absolutely scream summer. 

After my shoot, as I drove off in mild annoyance (okay, major annoyance), I was able to appreciate that I actually hadn't run into blog snags in quite a bit so it was definitely overdue for me to run into some kind of annoyance, but STILL. Can't a gal just take her photos in peace?