Wednesday, March 31, 2021

...Out Like a Lamb (Collectif)

What's that phrase about March? In like a lion, out like a lamb? That definitely seems fitting for how my month went. March 2021 hit like a hurricane with me moving into my new place with Rubix and picking up the pieces of my last life. 

It was hard - it's STILL hard - but as the month wraps up, things definitely feel calmer and more at ease. I don't wake up with as much anxiety in the pit of my stomach and I fall asleep easier these days. That's not to say there are no bad days whatsoever. They still come and go. But my new routine has brought some relief to my life and it feels good to be on track again. 

Like many things this year, I had different intentions for this dress. I planned to photograph it and share it on St. Patrick's Day (with these colors, how could I not?) but as luck would have it, my laptop decided mid-move was the ideal time to cease working and my replacement laptop (and therefore new photo editing tools) didn't arrive until after St. Patty's! 

So even though I have been busy snapping photos all over my new town, they had to remain in my camera for a few weeks. Oh well! What's a girl to do? If I've learned anything this year it's that everything and anything will change unexpectedly and sometimes, you just have to adapt and think on your feet. 

I have actually had this Suzanne dress from Collectif for awhile now. I got it in their 50% sale (as I always do) and saved it for March. D'oh! I bought a different Suzanne in a previous sale and loved its longer sleeves so snagging this one that they released in collaboration with Top Vintage was a no-brainer! And I just adore the bright orange and yellow against the bold green. Obviously, it was a match made in heaven with my DIY orange heels!

Speaking of, they're doing fairly well! Of course, I don't wear them often at all being stuck at home most days, but other than a bit of wear in the toe crease from walking (I expected that), the color is hanging on. They probably won't last too long the more I wear them, but I am enjoying them now!

Happy End of March! Adios, lion! Adios, lamb! Time for some April showers to bring us some May flowers because I am SO ready for some spring weather and outfits!