Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Leopard Love (Dolly and Dotty)

When I was a girl, I LOVED leopard print. I've always liked cats and all things feline in the animal kingdom but my leopard print obsession was a THING when I was a tween. I got heart eyes for anything leopard print that I could get my grubby little paws on (ha, get it? Paws? Oi vei...). 

Off the top of my head, some of the leopard print things I had were a pillowcase (it was blue leopard print "fur" with the word DIVA embroidered on it - obvi), a CD case, a pillow for the folded chair at my desk, possibly a trapper keeper (I may be imagining that), a beach towel (of which I still have to this day and use for cleaning), bedsheets (who did I think I was?), a bathrobe (SERIOUSLY, WHO DID I THINK I WAS?), a pleather vest with a leopard print collar (a Limited Too find, I am sure), and then some. I was ridiculous. 

Even though I grew out of the obsession as a young adult, it still showed its furry face every so often with a purchase here and there. Now, as a full-fledged adult human, I fear it's starting to come full circle. Dressing retro has opened up a whole new set of leopard print doors and even though I haven't gone TOO crazy over it, I have definitely given in a few times (a cozy and fuzzy leopard print sweater from Walmart was a spectacular find in 2020!). 

Even as I write this post, I am wearing my new lounge set from Mindy Mae's Market that' guessed it...leopard print. Oops. What's happening to me?

When I spotted (oh I am FULL OF PUNS TODAY) this Cindy dress from Dolly and Dotty on the incredible Miss Amy May back in January, my inner tween screamed "I MUST HAVE IT RIGHT MEOW!" and before I knew it, she took over my body and bought the damn dress. Well, USPS has been slow as molasses lately so it got drastically delayed somewhere in Germany but it finally arrived in all its big cat glory, and isn't it gorgeous? 

I'm telling you, perhaps it's tween Sara speaking, but there is nothing as sharp as leopard print on black. It's just the perfect combo of sassy and classy! Slassy??

I can't wait to (hopefully) wear it to future car shows and weekenders (looking at you, Viva East). It will look SO GOOD with brightly colored shoes/belt/accessories too, don't you think? Oooo red or blue!

I also think it'd make a fantastic date dress if we ever get to go out and be with people in person again...