Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Merrily Meredy (Collectif)

Ah, here we are, peanuts! It is my favorite time of year when all the girls and boys splurge on pretties from Collectif's big 50% off sale and get to show them off to all their virtual friends. In honor of my new job, I did a bit of shopping in the sale and got more pretties than I ever had in a Collectif sale before at such awesome prices. 

You know, it is a bit ironic (or maybe Alanis ironic) that I chose buying new dresses as my way of celebrating my new job. Why? Well, my new job is 100% remote - even when COVID ends. HA! So I went and got all these new dresses...only to never have a need to wear them to work. <<shrug>>

Once COVID dies down and we can have social lives again, these will obviously get worn, but for now, I will simply take photographs in them as if life is normal and will admire them in my wardrobe as I head back into the world of 9-5...from my home office. 

I was SO excited to share this Meredy dress ASAP. It was the one I was most excited to get in the sale and it's just as magnificent as I hoped. I have never seen this style before on Collectif and I so hope we see more because I LOVE the cut on me. 

The bodice is gorgeous (not to mention the sleeves and neckline are trimmed in a velvety soft fabric), the pockets are adorable, and the fabric is nice and thick/stiff so it is flattering to my shape. It just FEELS good and therefore looks good, too! 

The name of the dress is Meredy Holiday Check and I believe it may have been released as part of Collectif's holiday line. I suppose the velvet trim gives SOME holiday flare but, to me, this screams WELCOME, SPRING! Is it too early to look forward to spring? Yeah? I suppose it's only February and we have a long ways to go...

Enough about this dress - I am sure you want to know how the job is going now that we're into week 3. Well, it's...going! It is so hard for me to start a new job. Everyone is excited for you and want to know how the job is when you first start. I tend to get overwhelmed in the first couple months of a job and usually can't judge it until I get my feet wet and I feel I much prefer to feel capable and not need help from teammates all the time. 

But all that weird newness aside, I really am enjoying it. I am excited to keep learning and taking on more stuff. It's a great company (one that I already knew quite a bit about because they were actually a partner of my previous company!) and I have felt so welcomed and supported, which is fantastic considering I have been onboarding remotely from my house!

Oh 2021, such a time to be alive...