Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Fits of Bliss (ModCloth)

It's about that time of winter when we all kind of get sick of it, am I right? I mean, I adore winter and all its snowy glory but once we get past Valentine's Day, I even get a bit tired of it.

I love being warm and cozy but I also love the ease of pulling on a dress and walking out the door without even needing a coat. Or walking back inside from running errands and NOT having to worry about tracking in dirt and slush and grime. Ew.

Ah, that will feel so good to return to soon! Fingers crossed.

This dress from ModCloth reminds me of the easy dresses I pull on in the summertime. It's light, silky, and flowy - all the things you want from a spring and summer dress! So why on earth am I wearing it now in the middle of winter? 


I got this dress on super sale back before Thanksgiving during ModCloth's Black Friday campaign. I was immediately drawn to the peacock print and the easy breezy look of it. I will admit it's not the most flattering cut on me (I always forget how I don't adore the "wrap" style neckline on me) but it sure is easy to pull on and off and is a gorgeous dress despite that one minor flaw. 

The new job is going really well. I am definitely hitting my stride and feel more accomplished as I finally see some things get finished (blog posts, flyers, a prospectus). I still have a lot to learn and explore but seeing my name published on a couple blog posts and finalizing some sales collateral has left me feeling really good about myself. 

It's so crazy to be in a role solely devoted to writing! It's not creative fiction, but it makes me feel like I FINALLY am doing what I should be doing, considering I got an English degree and all. Funny how life works its way out...