Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Vintage Made Easy with Dressystar

If you've ever bought a vintage-style dress on Amazon, you probably recognize the brand Dressystar. Dressystar creates and sells a large variety of dresses - from bridal and bridesmaid to formal attire to vintage-style everyday frocks. 

Dressystar recently reached out to me for a collaboration and I happily obliged. Especially since I only just recently started my new job (and therefore have NOT started receiving a paycheck yet), I really wanted to take a closer look at Dressystar's quality and fit since their prices certainly are budget-friendly. 

After browsing all the lovely options, I went with this Rockabilly Casual Dress in Navy Grid and opted for an XL to ensure it fit comfortably (I fell between a L and XL). I found the button detail at the neckline to be precious and loved the bold blue pattern. I immediately imagined it styled with this MAK Sweater and my blue wedges. 

The dress is a bit shorter than I'd prefer but for its affordable price, it's a good fit and quite comfortable. Definitely check the size chart when ordering. It is fairly accurate, though the XL is a bit bigger than expected. Still, I am glad I went with XL and not L. I feel like the L would have been too snug. All of the above are mere observations though. The looser fit just means there is more room for consuming snacks and the slightly shorter length will make it a great summer dress to pull on when it's too hot to put in much effort. I definitely appreciate having a few of those in my wardrobe!

I am officially in week 2 at my new job and it's been going pretty well! One of the biggest adjustments has been the schedule. Because the company is based out of Boulder, CO (and I am in Massachusetts), we are in different time zones. That isn't completely foreign to me as I have experience working for global companies, but since the majority of my coworkers are in CO, I am trying to work somewhat on their schedule. 

I decided to work in Mountain Time 3 days a week and Eastern time 2 times a week. It's not awful since there is no commute to make my days even longer and since I begin work later in the morning 3 days a week, I can keep my workout routine of my 8am Jazzercise classes on Monday, Wednesday, Fridays! Score! I didn't want to lose momentum on that and wanted to ensure I was remaining active while working remotely permanently vs due to a pandemic. 

It is always hard to judge how a new job is going in the first month as most of my time is devoted to training, learning, observing, etc. But I feel like I will fit in just fine here. For example, by the end of my first day, a group message had been formed in Teams called TriSaraTops and consisted of all the Sara(h)s that work there. 

There are now 3 in total at the company and we bonded quite nicely in that group message following a meeting where I was introduced to most of the company. The chat was full of puns, dad jokes, and connecting over writing and reading. I mean, does that SCREAM my name (literally and figuratively!) or what?