Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Smoke & Mirrors (Fever London x ModCloth)

Happy New Year! Welcome, 2021! I can't say that I look forward to what you have in store for us but I welcome you, regardless. 

2020 can go burn in a fire but the problems we faced over the last 12 months don't just go away with the year. Unfortunately, the road ahead is long and bumpy and full of sharp turns. We need to keep working together and support one another. Don't get too comfortable. That leads to carelessness.

As for me, personally, the start of 2021 makes me nervous. I don't know what is ahead for me. Everything is just a big fuzzy blur (or in this case, smoke) when I try to imagine my future and it's not a great feeling. I hope I find a job that is right for me and is one I am happy doing with a company I feel good about. And I hope there is more light in my future - a flashlight, a lantern, perhaps a lighthouse. Something. We'll see.

One thing that IS trekking right along lately is this blog! I've got quite a packed blog schedule this month, considering I'm on very restricted spending! 

Now, before you get all Judge Judy one, I'm NOT sneakily splurging on things while claiming not to be. I'm actually being REALLY good, all things considered, but when I saw ModCloth was having a MASSIVE warehouse sale, I decided to take advantage. Not only were items vastly discounted (this Fever London coat, for example? It was originally $200 and I got it for $69!) but they were also having a Buy 3 Get 1 Free offer on top of the discounts!

Yeah, yeah - so what, am I lying when I say I'm not spending money? Not really! I decided to sell one of my Bernie Dexter dresses recently that is a hard-to-find print and so I decided to take the money made off that along with some holiday funds received from family before Christmas and get some new things for really cheap in the sale. 

I was excited to find a new coat. Though not styled to suit full swing skirts like my fantastic Steve Madden coat from ModCloth years back, it is super sweet with this scalloped edge and vintage look. I love the orange tones (it sure looks cute with my new DIY orange heels, right?) and it fits with some extra room, which is nice since everything lately feels a bit snug. So a new coat was needed this winter!

I look forward to wearing it this winter, especially since I am going out in much more casual attire these days while stuck at home. Jeans and cozy sweaters have been my look this winter as opposed to layered dresses and heels for the office. What a difference a year makes! Throwing this cute coat over a casual look will make it that much more me and stylish. 

I took advantage of the BOGO offer and did get 4 items in total. Stay tuned for a lovely Collectif dress from a recent ModCloth collaboration as well as a ModCloth brand dress. My free item ended up being - you might have guessed it - a cozy pullover sweater to add to my assortment. 

Not gonna lie, having it cost NOTHING makes it even cozier when I wear it!