Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Second Hand News (Retrospec'd)

I interrupt the ModCloth warehouse sale finds temporarily to share this amazing Retrospec'd dress!

I purchased her second hand from my NJ bestie, Bristol, at a steal of a price! As you may recall, ya girl has been hopelessly unemployed (though there appears to be an end in sight!). I've been keeping a closer eye on the Buy/Sell/Trade groups on Facebook than normal, knowing buying things full price just wasn't reasonable without my full income. I have also been slowly letting go of some gems in my closet that I know will sell (as well as never fit me again, LOL). 

When Bristol listed this pretty thing for sale a couple weeks ago, I immediately asked her for more info on the fit (we're pretty close in size with nearly the same waist measurement, ha!) and then snagged it from her. She has a fantastic collection so anytime she decides to sell stuff, you know it will be GOOD!

I have actually never purchased anything by Retrospec'd before so I was excited to receive Bristol's dress to see how I liked their work. I gotta say, I am impressed! Their dresses tend to be on the higher end of the vintage reproduction price range (similar to that of a Bernie Dexter, if not a smidge more expensive) and they're based out of Australia. I know Bristol snags hers at vintage festivals or off US-based resellers on sale. She's good at finding the deals, that one! 

Not surprisingly, the dress is really well made and I can tell it's of high quality. That definitely makes their higher price point worth it and I can appreciate that! I understand quality comes with a cost. I also love how this dress fits. It's nearly perfect on my petite frame and the length is just right. I do not mind investing in a good dress if the brand fits me that well...just maybe when I am not unemployed, ha! 

Another perk to buying this from Bristol is I have access to how she styled it from her Instagram! Knowing she expertly matched blue accessories with it before, I knew I had to do the same. But with the red, yellow, and green details, styling it should be effortless! 

The only downside to this dress? Now I have Retrospec'd on my radar for new dresses in the future...