Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Marvelously Marigold (Collectif x ModCloth)

I won't lie, it's been TOUGH not spending a ton of money. While I have treated myself to the occasional dress on sale (or with any discount code I can get my grubby hands on), my spending has been greatly limited compared to other years due to STILL being jobless. Especially around this time of year! I've been dying to get festive but alas...nah. 

It would be one thing if I just didn't have the means to get anything new. But it's a whole OTHER thing when not ONE piece of festive clothing fits. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT. None of my Christmas outfits fit me this year. Not a lot of my wardrobe fits me right now. IT'S FUN TO KEEP DISCOVERING THAT!

Freakin' 2020. 

ANYWAY, it was this very reality that made me rebel and buy a dress from ModCloth's Black Friday sale. I'M SORRY! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME? Granted, this Collectif Hepburn dress is far from holiday-themed. DIDN'T MATTER! A new dress to make me feel better? Check! Besides, the Hepburn is one of my favorite Collectif styles. It's shorter in length and perfect for petites! Another petite friendly style I love from Collectif is the Amber-Lea

I love and hate when Collectif and ModCloth do a collaboration. I mean, it's FANTASTIC in many ways (when the collab is ModCloth on the Collectif site, it allows European babes to get some ModCloth stuff without the hassle of ordering overseas) but it is also annoying (the ModCloth collab stuff on Collectif's site NEVER qualifies for their big sales so you're stuck waiting for a ModCloth sale). That is what happened in this case, though this dress may have been a ModCloth exclusive because I don't recall seeing it on Collectif's site - but I could be wrong! 

I suppose you COULD claim it's the perfect color combo for a Chanukah dress. The blues and golden yellow and orange just SCREAM "come on, baby, light my menorah" don't you think? Whatever, we'll pretend. 

For those following my Orange Shoe Hunt of 2020 on my Instagram stories - don't get too excited. These shoes may APPEAR orange here but alas, they are not. Those who cannot HAVE orange shoes in time for photos, simply MAKES orange shoes in post with Photoshop. The tricks of the trade, people! 

As for those curious about my orange shoe hunt, I realized the ONLY color missing from my shoe collection is orange. After finding none I liked on Amazon or via my favorite brand, BAIT Footwear, I decided to DIY and snag a cheap pair of shoes I know I like (LOVE me some Chase and Chloe wedges, for example) and SPRAY PAINT THEM ORANGE! So stay tuned for that little project I've got going on...

As you can probably guess, no progress has been made on the job front. It's become quite the twisted game that I do for fun - just apply for these jobs for funsies! Isn't it entertaining? Something to do 3 days a week, I guess. HA! I keep telling everyone that it's become so normal to not hear back from ANYONE that I just don't even expect it or believe that is actually supposed to happen. 

It really IS like applying for them is just a big game of make-believe. I tell you, if/when someone DOES call me, I'm going to be like a deer in headlights ", what again? Me? To interview? What's that?"