Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Face in Time (Emily and Fin)

I have had this dress FOR SO LONG! When I started seeing glimpses of this Emily and Fin Face in Time print, I knew I had to get a dress when available. I also knew that my close friend, Jen, would adore one, too. So I decided to snag two Abigail dresses from Modern Millie back in October - one for me and one for Jen. 

But then realized...oh. I couldn't share it before I gave hers to her! 

I mean, I suppose there isn't a rule against doing that. It just didn't feel as fun. So I saved it to share in order to surprise Jen with her dress first. And I am glad I did! Cody and I exchanged gifts with her and her husband, Dave, a little before Christmas and she loved the print as much as I did! 

I am so pleased to be able to add it to her dress collection. I love buying gifts for all my people but I love love LOVE buying dresses for my fellow dress lovers. It was a bit bittersweet as I ordered it from one of our favorite stores, Modern Millie's. We usually shop there in person once or twice a year and splurge on some pretty new things but with COVID, we haven't been there in ages! 

The dress was fitting as her gift, too, since Jen has been sewing me a dress for my Christmas gift. It was as if we had a dress swap arranged this year! I got the better deal since mine is handmade by Jen - and personalized with the cutest embroidery at the back of the neck!

I picked out the fabric (we got the last bit from the store when we went fabric shopping together in the fall) and sent it home with Jen for her to work on for Christmastime. It was fun imagining what would look best with the style we were going for and choosing the ultimate fabric for the final creation. 

I LOVE the final result and can't wait to share photos of her masterpiece soon! Stay tuned!