Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What's Sara Reading? A Happy Catastrophe


Oh my word. I haven't shared a book review in A YEAR!? How is that even POSSIBLE? I seriously have no idea where the last 12 months have gone but, then again, I guess you could say I had a few other things on my mind since then.

Well, despite the gargantuan gap, I am here today to share a book review and inspired outfit! Let's bring the "What's Sara Reading?" series back from the literary dead, shall we? I ordered A Happy Catastrophe during a Kindle sale, thinking nothing of it besides thinking it sounded like a good read, and it became a happy little moment of kismet.

As I began to read the book, I thought to myself "hmm...this character feels so familiar to me. That's funny" and then a few pages later thought "OK, no, THAT character is DEFINITELY familiar. I have read about these people before..." but the story itself didn't feel totally familiar. I checked the "about" section and realized it was the SEQUEL to a book I read in March 2019. I even reviewed it here!

When I originally read the description on the Amazon store, it didn't mention its first book, Matchmaking for Beginners, so I had no idea! The author was familiar and I knew I had read her books before but still! I don't know how the character names didn't click but considering it has been over a year since I read it, I suppose that shouldn't surprise me. 

Once I realized it was a sequel, I got excited. Matchmaking for Beginners was SO good and I loved every bit of it. I especially loved Marnie, the main character. I saw a bit of myself in her and loved reading about a woman my age taking on life's challenges. 

Obviously, I enjoyed A Happy Catastrophe. I loved getting to read more about Marnie and Patrick's life after Matchmaking for Beginners. It's fun to imagine where characters' lives lead once a book ends (a good book ends in SOME mystery, IMO) but it is also fun to get a sequel to find out for real! 

It was extremely easy to style an outfit for this book - I think I nailed the colors perfectly! I shared this dress before but in chillier weather with brown boots and accessories. It was fun adding some pops of color and actually think many colors would coordinate with this dress now that I have experimented with purple! What color would you try next?

I am also excited to someday soon share a "What's Sara Reading?" post for my OWN book, Pas de Deux! I have decided to self-publish on Amazon since I have all this free time on my hands (well, when I am not job hunting). It just feels like time to tackle it head-on and see what I can do! So stay tuned and follow my author pages on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. When it's FINALLY available to buy, you will be the first to know! I wonder what my inspired outfit will be for my own book! Hmm...