Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Twilight (Collectif x Modern Millie)

So I KNOW I said I ceased all dress buying, but...


In a true moment of weakness one morning after a rough night of minimal sleep and stress found myself on Modern Millie's site and OOPSY DAISY it popped into the shopping cart and within moments it was purchased and on its way to me. 

What can I say? It all happened so fast I couldn't stop it.

And the best part? It arrived THE NEXT DAY! I just love living an hour and a half from Modern Millie's. I order and my purchases arrive within a day or two. I don't think you can beat that turnaround. Well, other than shopping in person, which is also tremendously fun when I can get up there!

So the dress. Now that it's mine. It's Collectif - naturally, it seems like Collectif is ALL I buy these days - and it's called Amber Lea. I need to lock that name into memory because HOW IN THE WORLD IS IT THE WORLD'S MOST PERFECT DRESS?

If you're petite, the Amber Lea dress is the perfect fit - the waist falls exactly at my waist, there is shockingly NO extra room in the shoulders (other Collectif styles have left me with extra space there), and the length of the skirt is the PERFECT length on my short stature. The fit is nearly 100% perfect. I am beside myself with glee.

And the best part? The arms aren't too tight!!

This dress can do no wrong. I really hope Collectif makes more Amber Lea dresses so I can stock up like I did with the Caterina. Sorry, Caterina, I love you lots but Amber Lea has stolen my little short girl heart!

As it was hanging, waiting to be worn, I got a great idea to style it with orange accessories! Can you imagine it with an orange beret, bangle, and belt? Because I can and it's going to be AMAZINGLY SPOOPY! 

Just pass me a jolly jack o' lantern...