Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Juggling Judy (Collectif)

When I think of the name Judy (of which this gorgeous dress is named), I think of two things: my mother (I feel like everyone knows a mom named Judy) and that truly bizarre YouTube channel that blew up back in the beginning of viral videos by the name of Fred. Anyone else obsessively watch his videos as tweens and quote them daily? "I LOVE Judy! But she's such a brat!" No? No one? Just me and my sister?

OK then. 

Jokes aside, this has been a weird couple weeks. I have no problem being unemployed and never had any trouble staying busy with housework, errands, projects, spending time with family I don't get to see enough usually (carefully mind you, we are still in a pandemic!), writing, blogging, and (of course) job hunting. Needless to say, I am the ideal person to be unemployed. 

It's a good thing I didn't spring for much in this summer's Collectif 50% sale. I only got this Judy dress! I was very good and didn't go crazy like I usually do. Hmm...did my subconscious know I'd be out of a job just a few weeks later? Oh who am I kidding, my subconscious and conscious very well knew! 

There is ONE part I hate to unemployment - I DESPISE applying for jobs. Ugh looking for jobs and applying for them is just THE WORST. It stresses me out and leaves me so exhausted. I have a pretty good routine down and tend to wake up nice and early to start my day with some Jazzercise/breakfast/a shower. Then I hop onto the computer (at the table, not on the couch) to see what's new to apply for. Lately, there...isn't much. 

I usually have to put it aside and be done with it by lunchtime because HOLY CRAP do they make it the most frustrating process ever. Whatever happened to uploading or attaching your resume and hitting submit? No, now there are often company application websites where you have to make a profile AND upload your resume like a bajillion times before you're officially applied. 

I applied to a job last week in which after creating a very detailed profile, it asked me to upload my PDF resume. I did. It then directed me to copy and paste the content of said resume into the text box if it didn't generate automatically. It did not. So then I had to painfully copy and paste the contents to the text box and make sure it was readable and concise. After doing that for about 10 minutes, I proceeded to the next page...

...WHERE IT ASKED ME TO ENTER MY JOB EXPERIENCE ONE AT A TIME INTO DROP DOWN MENUS! What the actual fresh hell is that all about? I already uploaded and copy/pasted my experience into this application, sir or madam, why am I now entering it painfully one drop down at a time?

It took me at least 20 minutes to finish the entire application. I finished and I was DRAINED. And it may be a bit pessimistic but I immediately thought "all that work and I probably will never even hear from them." I don't know about any of you, but when I am job hunting, I don't get many call backs or interview requests. I've never understood why. I have a pretty impressive resume, if I do say so myself!

I chock it up to how vast and general marketing is. There are A LOT of people working in that field and it's just very convoluted with A LOT of people applying for these jobs. It's the opposite in Cody's field, where he, as a talented programmer, is sought after and is always getting recruiters emailing him because a great programmer is hard to find and they're so in demand these days. I think I am in the wrong profession...