Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Falling for Fall (Vintage Sweater)

#SorryNotSorry that, from my perspective, it's now fall. I can't help it. While I enjoyed some warmer weather this summer, once we enter the months that end in "ber," it's FALL and all things spook. Then the countdown to Christmas is ON!

What can I say? I love the holiday season. This is my favorite time of year and ALL the BEST holidays happen between Halloween and Valentine's Day. I am SO excited to start decorating for Halloween (I don't know that I'll be digging those out JUST yet) and putting out the fall goodies like pumpkin candles, thicker blankets, and little jackets. 

Things will definitely be different this year. I had lunch with a pal and she made a good point that while Halloween will still happen in some way or other, it was Thanksgiving that was going to be "cancelled." She wasn't wrong! You can dress up and enjoy Halloween all you want while remaining socially distant but a close and cozy Thanksgiving with too many people stuffed into a small house? SEE YA LATER.

Sure, we can all have smaller gatherings (I am sure I will just be joining my parents' for Thanksgiving this year) but so long Friendsgivings and other larger gatherings. You know, after the year I've had, keeping it low key doesn't sound half bad...

So! This outfit! This vintage wool sweater has a cute story behind it. I love living in the area I live in for a few reasons and one of them is how we have a Buy Nothing group on Facebook. It's essentially a yard sale group only the items are free. It's a fantastic way to get rid of stuff but I have also gotten quite a few things over the years. 

With all that activity, many of the members recognize each other or have talked to each other multiple times, etc. One day, I received a private message from one of the women I've spoken to many times to pick up items from her or vice versa. She had two vintage sweaters (handmade!) that she picked up at a yard sale in Seattle once upon a time. She was clearing out some stuff and when she came upon them, she thought of me. I was so surprised and appreciative! 

I immediately took a ride into town and scooped them up - this orange one and a similar one in green. They are super warm and cozy and are very well made. They event fit pretty well, too! All in all, just a great find and all because of our community's Facebook group!

 I love when towns have ways to bring people together. It truly is a great community!