Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Summer but Make it Spooky (Tatyana)

Did I save the best dress from Tatyana for last? Not sure as they were ALL just lovely. However, I definitely saved the best photos for last because now that we're inching toward mid-August, I feel my spooky side beginning to surface. 
Once September hits, I am in full fall mode and with that comes changing leaves, apple cider, pumpkins, and Halloween decorations! I cannot WAIT to dig my Halloween supplies out of storage and get this house spook-ified. 
Perhaps that is why when I saw this Lily dress on Tatyana's website, I immediately started thinking all things scary. With Lily's beautiful overlay that gives off some serious spider web vibes, it will make the perfect witchy dress when October comes around. 

Look at these sleeves! They're semi-sheer and just delightful. And the buttons down the front add a special sparkly but are not functioning so there is no need to worry about gaping (it has a full back zipper instead).
I dug my pal, Jerry, out of the basement (yep, we call our skeleton Jerry) and decided I needed a jack-o-lantern to tie it all together. So what's a girl to do without pumpkins in season? How does one carve a pumpkin that has not yet grown?
Carve a dang watermelon, that's what! I grabbed the roundest melon from the store and carved a spooky smile. Then I knew I had to complement the watermelon colors instead of traditional pumpkin colors so I pulled on my green shoes and belt and accented the outfit with my watermelon Luxilite brooch and bangle. 
So it's like summer...but spooky!

Gosh, I love me a good juxtaposition! 

How about you, my peanuts? Are you getting excited for all things spooky or are you clinging onto summer with both hands?