Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Magical Matilda (Tatyana)

Why, hello August! Why hello, Matilda! 

Can you believe it's already August? Every summer seems to go by fast but man, I don't have any idea where June and July went. It's been a weird summer. Just weird and unreal. I've been trying to make the best of it where I can as I am sure we all are!

The ladies at Tatyana reached out recently and sent quite the care package my way. A box full of dresses? That's my kind of care package! It was exciting to get to work with them. Tatyana has a special place in my heart, after all.

When I was in an event manager role and traveled often from trade show to trade show, it was always fun to explore the city I was in at any given time. Las Vegas freakishly became a home for me (I was there at least 3 or 4 times a year back then) and one thing I loved to do whenever I was in Vegas was visit Tatyana's shop and splurge on a dress (or two). 

While I do not miss the constant traveling of my previous life, I do miss getting to shop at Tatyana. So getting a few gorgeous dresses from them to show to you all made me giddy like a school girl. When they arrived (freakishly fast), I even let out a bit of a squeal and startled my cat, Rubix, who was trying to relax in the sun pouring in from the front door.

While I picked a couple of the dresses myself, the Tatyana team selected this Matilda one for me and I have to say, I am smacking myself for not noticing her enough at first! When I saw her in the package, I was immediately smitten with the cozy soft cotton and the unique neckline finished off with a large button. 

There is nothing better than an easy breezy dress on hot days and Matilda fits that bill. It's lightweight, breathable, soft, and pretty. What more can a girl ask for in the dog days of summer?

By the way, Tatyana has a brand NEW Instagram account after an unfortunate hacking incident. So make sure you find and follow their new Insta @tatyanaclothing to stay in the know on sales and new dresses! They've been sharing some sneak peeks at their fall line and HOLY MOSES! 

So what team are you on? Team Summer 4 Ever? Or Team Bring on the Fall?