Thursday, August 6, 2020

Day In, Day Out (Tatyana)

I know, I know - TWO blogs in the same week?! I can't remember the last time I posted twice in one week. Actually, I used to post twice a week EVERY week in the first years of this blog. Looking back I have NO idea how I kept up with that schedule but I guess I had more time on my hands back then.

Now, if i get one post up a week, I'm happy. It really does take a lot of time and I used to put SO much pressure on myself for no reason whatsoever! I've since loosened up and have started taking a much more laid back approach. It's been a better experience so far, though I do miss it when I go a couple weeks or more without a post!

Well, luckily, I had taken this week off from work to burn some PTO I would have lost otherwise but also to just unwind and catch a breather. The week has been good overall - I took myself out for lunch on Tuesday (got my free birthday burrito from Moe's!), got multiple outfits photographed for the blog, got my bike put together and took it out for a few rides, and today I'm off to visit Emma and go nuts on our favorite donuts from Donut Stand (who just HAPPENED to have a pop up on the day we had plans!). 

But enough about my week - look at this lovely Day Dress from (you guessed it) Tatyana! It's pretty, delicate, light, and minty. I wore it out to Sharon, MA yesterday to track down one of the ice cream shops on my bucket list and happened to notice a state park down the street from the ice cream shop that had some kind of mansion on site.

How cute is this mask? A friend's mother made it for me and it's QUITE fitting for a vintage lovin' gal like myself! 

Never being one to miss a good photo opp, I threw my camera in the back of the car, tossed my lipstick in my purse, and planned to snap these photos there after my ice cream treat. Yep! I ate some amazing s'mores flavored ice cream, slathered on some lipstick, and then walked down an obnoxiously long gravel path to this crazy mansion! It's BEAUTIFUL, isn't it? 

I have to say, I am still amazed at how it all worked out. Typically, my photo plans don't pan out due to inclement weather, crowds, weird people being weird, freak hail or rain, or even a funeral procession pulling in behind my car as I park. I know. I have STORIES. 

Somehow, the photo gods were FINALLY smiling on me. It was a HOT and very sunny day of 94 degrees but as I ate my ice cream in the state park parking lot, I noticed a big lovely fluffy cluster of clouds coming in. It was AMAZING!

As a photo geek, I know how to work settings in bright light but that's when I am BEHIND the camera. When I am shooting for the blog, I use my remote shutter and don't have as much control. So I prefer to shoot when it's overcast or the sun is going down so I can pose and snap without having to think much about the technicalities. 

It was a rare moment of good luck for me and I was SO appreciative that I went a little crazy with taking photos in all kinds of spots at the mansion. I STILL didn't get them all so I plan to DEFINITELY return for a future shoot. There were SO many little nooks and spots worthy of being captured alongside a killer outfit. 

This was also the first time in a LONG time that I shot without wearing my Rago waist cincher. I wear it just to smooth things out to properly showcase the outfit being featured but lately I've been torn with whether or not I want to keep wearing it in my photos. Sure, smooth lines look nice but it's not REALLY me, is it? 

I have to admit, it felt pretty freeing! Of course, this dress fits me well and flatters me so it was pretty easy. But hopefully I can continue to keep the Rago in the dresser drawer for future shoots.