Wednesday, July 22, 2020

What a Catch, Doheny (Unique Vintage)

Before we get started, did anyone catch the reference in the blog title? Here's a hint - I replaced "Donnie" with "Doheny." No? No one? Aw come on! Gotta find my mid-2000's emo appreciators out there somewhere...

I did a little birthday shopping a couple weeks ago (I feel like I have said this a few times already...perhaps I did A LOT of birthday shopping, oops!) and decided that instead of feeling bad about all my pretty dresses that certainly won't fit anymore (hello extra fluff! WeLcOmE tO mY LiFe!), I'd splurge on a few new ones that will! 

I hardly ever buy from Unique Vintage anymore but when I saw this perriwinkle Doheny swing dress on Instagram, they sucked me back in. I went on the site and then discovered an additional discount available on all sale items. And so I got a skirt and a sweater as well. IT WASN'T MY FAULT, OKAY?

I ordered a large in the Doheny dress knowing how snug their mediums usually are on me but was surprised to find the large to be a bit big on me. I don't think the medium would have worked though so I am glad I got the large despite a bit of room in the waist. Still, despite the room, I am pleased with the dress overall. 

If I had ONE bone to pick, though, it'd be the fabric. The site says the fabric is 100% cotton and I just don't buy it. It's the weirdest cotton I ever felt if it's cotton. It's stretchy and kind of swishy and though it's nice and light for the summer, it was a bit odd to discover upon its arrival. This is going to sound weird but it feels a bit like a windbreaker!? 

Still, windbreaker dress or not, I like it. I adore the big bow on the front (sewn down so it doesn't have to be re-tied every time!) and the elasticized neckline. It's a comfortable and easy dress to pull on and definitely cheered me up when I dolled it all up with all white accessories. White accents are very summery, no?

I think everyone can agree that this summer is just weird. Given the circumstances, many people have been claiming summer has been canceled. While it certainly has in the grand scheme of things as we can't enjoy EVERYTHING we used to normally, there are still ways to get the most out of it safely.

I know for me, it's just been taking days off here and there to enjoy some small things that I love about summer - ice cream stand trips, finding yummy summer foods, and enjoying the nice weather. I am not afraid to travel a bit and did so safely to Kittery, Maine. Everyone there were respectful and we didn't feel at risk at all. Masks were worn, we all kept distanced, and were all smart about everything. 

 I was hesitant to even go - I didn't want to be insensitive or risky - but we were just careful and didn't do anything or stay anywhere that seemed high-risk (we crossed the border to Portsmouth NH and left just 5 min later because the streets were SO crowded and NO ONE was wearing masks). We just made the most of it in our tiny little Kittery radius. 

How are you enjoying your 2020 summer? Have you got yourself a kiddie pool for the back yard to fill your craving for the beach?