Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Misty Eyed (ft. Ebone & Ivory)

Check out my new wheels! Ever since Cody and I rented cruiser bikes in New Orleans last December to ride through the park, I have been dying to get my own bike. I had a bike growing up but was never very athletic or cared much about it. 

I found these Huffy cruisers earlier in the year but cut to COVID and suddenly you couldn't find a bike anywhere or if you did, the cost was WAY up and not worth it. Still, I kept a couple different models in my favorites and kept an eye on them. 

I REALLY wanted a yellow one but that one just has not been in stock for under $300 so I kept an eye on this blue version and managed to find a store selling it for $235, a MUCH more digestible price. 

It arrived a couple weeks ago and Cody helped me put it together (he enjoys bragging about how he ALMOST became a bike technician at Target when he was in high school, ha!) so I could begin cruising around! I have been walking 2-3 miles 3-4 times a week in addition to virtual Jazzercise classes 1-2 times a week to keep my body moving but have been dying for something else to add some variety. It definitely feels better to find fun ways to be active while stuck at home.

My company announced that they were sticking to the Work From Home practice until JANUARY 2021 so knowing this new normal of working from home was happening for the REMAINDER OF THE YEAR (so freakin' weird to think about), it was easy for me to hit "buy" on the bike. As many of you know from Instagram, though, this no longer matters as my role was eliminated and I was laid off last week. More time for riding bikes, I guess?

It's been fun to cruise around the quiet neighborhoods near our home when I feel like switching it up from walking. We also have a great bike path through our town that Cody and I have utilized (but only during the week when it's not crowded!). Not going to lie, man, I hope it gets easier soon! It is HARD to ride a bike. It's so not as breezy as it was when I was a kid.

I haven't ridden a bike in over a decade and BOY was I surprised to find myself STRUGGLING. I rode for 15 min and when I got home, I fell onto the couch and was so exhausted and sore all over, I didn't think I'd be able to drag my sorry ass to bed later that night. Oh well, I'll get better at it!

As for this precious dress? I have had my eye on Etsy dressmaker extraordinaire, Ebone & Ivory, for quite some time. She offers custom dresses at reasonable prices - you can browse her patterns/styles and then select from her collection of fabric to make a unique and one-of-a-kind dress!

Earlier this spring, she switched gears and began selling adorable masks (I bought myself a donut one, naturally) but in June, she put her dresses back up on the site and I practically ran there to create a dress for my birthday present to myself.

I have so many styles favorited right now but found this Misty style to be so precious and summery and went for it. I love the fluttery ruffles and sleeves and when I saw this bright floral fabric, I knew it was meant to be! And how sweet is this matching mask Ebone included in the order? 

If you're hesitant or have never heard of Ebone and Ivory, you need to go check out her shop and give her some love ASAP! Her garments are really well made and of high quality - not to mention can be custom ordered to ensure they fit you perfectly!

Some of my other favorite styles Ebone offers are Isabelle, Daisy, and Audrey. Ebone better be careful. If she keeps adding all these great dresses and fabrics, I am going to just start direct depositing all my paychecks into her account - not that she'd mind!