Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Hey There, Jemima (Collectif x ModCloth)

Sometimes ya just need a new, reliable, summery staple for the hot days when you can barely think let alone bother getting properly dressed. And boy do we get plenty of those every summer!

I try to make sure I have a few easy dresses I can pull on and be good to do with. Typically they're sleeveless cotton dresses, ones that don't take much effort (and even better if they don't require a bra!).

When I spotted this green Jemima dress by Collectif on ModcCloth a handful of weeks ago, I knew it'd be a goodie for the summer. I had never seen the green colorway on the Collectif site so it may be a ModCloth exclusive. I haven't ordered from ModCloth in over a year but resurrected my account to snag this one before it sold out.

I have to say, I have some hope for ModCloth. I used to spend ALL my money on ModCloth back in the day. Pre-pinup Sara adored all their Bea & Dot and cutesy novelty prints. My whole wardrobe was made up of skirts and their little colorful dresses. But in recent years, ModCloth got kinda mainstream and I saw more and more neutrals and "normal" clothes and therefore, less and less of the quirky and cute.

Lately, though, they seem to be getting some of that back. I've seen them add more Collectif and Emily & Fin again and perhaps they're warming back up to the prints. They always sold out so fast before, I can't imagine they'd see poor sales on the cutesy stuff if they brought it back!

I still don't think I've seen this dress on other sites so feel free to check it on the ModCloth site if you're a fan. I was expecting the green to be a bit brighter (the photos I took actually resemble the photos on the ModCloth site, which make it seem a bit brighter than it is) but if you're a fan of hunter green, it's definitely one you'll enjoy!

As with all Collectif, it fits true to size and is comfortable with a bit of stretch. However, I kind of wish I got a UK14 vs my usual UK12. I keep forgetting I've gotten fluffier in the bust and could definitely have used a bit more room in the chest. I pinned the top to avoid some gaping. Although, the straps need to be taken in for me on the UK12 so I wonder if the UK14 would have just made THAT worse. Ugh, it's a dress catch 22!