Wednesday, May 20, 2020

cRaZy CaT LaDy (Bernie Dexter)

This Crazy Cat Lady dress by Bernie Dexter was one of those dresses that pulled a switcheroo on me the more I saw it. When it was first released, I thought the collar and sleeves of this new style were adorable and the print was cute but wasn't sold on making sure it was added to my wardrobe.

Of course, then I saw a bunch of fine gals wearing it and the dress grew on me more and more. Finally, one of the gals in a Bernie Dexter group I am in had a sale and she included this dress among many other favorites. She removed the bow that typically comes around the neck and was selling it for a very reasonable price so I jumped.

Personally, I totally forgot there was ever a bow in the design so it is not something I will miss! It is just as precious without one!

Perhaps it is because when the dress came out, I was not a cat owner and now I am. Perhaps adopting Rubix has turned me back into a crazy cat lady (once a CCL, always a CCL) and that is something I am 100% okay with!

I mean, LOOK at these sleepy kitties among the books and other items on the shelves! They're just the sweetest little furballs! And the colors on the fabric are great and give me lots of styling options - something everyone appreciates with a good dress! This is the first dress of the Darlene style in my Bernie collection and I gotta say, I am a CONVERT!

I have a LOT of Kelly dresses but they have this weird waist band strip that isn't very flattering on my tum-tum so I've been trying out various Bernie styles to find my new love. I tried Francis but was looking for a shorter skirt length. I love the length of the Nicole but it's long-sleeved so only good for winter. I always said the perfect dress would be the Nicole only with short sleeves. The Darlene is not similar to the Nicole (the collar, bodice, and waist are all different) but it matches the shorter length requirement and sure comes close to what I was wishing for!

So how's it going for you, my little peanuts? My furlough ended two weeks earlier than expected (my company received a decent PPP loan or whatever the government is giving to companies and was able to welcome back the furloughed staff sooner than originally planned) and I have been back to work since May 4th. It was been...weird.

The first week back was VERY overwhelming. It almost felt like I was a new employee all over again. In just 4 four weeks, it felt like quite a bit had changed. There was a lot more on my team's plates and the work piled up quickly. It STILL feels like a bit much and it's been challenging trying to get back in my groove. I am not good with sudden change so this is definitely not something I take to lightly.

I hope things go back to somewhat normal soon. I get that it's due to this pandemic but it'd be a shame if the way things feel now just became the new normal. I wouldn't be okay with that. But I will give it time. We are working from home until after Labor Day, which is CRAZY to me since Massachusetts is planning on starting to re-open in the coming weeks.

I think they're just being cautious but it is so weird to think of being home until September. It won't be bad - it will be quite nice to be home during the summer. Between meetings and projects, I can take walks and keep up with the house projects and upkeep.

At least, I've got cute company. Rubix has THOROUGHLY enjoyed having us home and will take all the loves and snugs from us that she can get when we're here!