Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Way Out West (British Retro)

It finally arrived! This gorgeous swing dress from British Retro that I ordered before all this COVID madness began finally made it to me! It was no one's fault, international shipping has been massively impacted by everything and it's arrival just took quite a bit longer than expected.

I remained patient. And I am so glad I did! It arrived safe and sound and fits nicely. I mean, sure, my arms are being held hostage in these sleeves, but everything else is a good fit. I ordered a UK14, knowing the cotton fabric would have no stretch. It's always disappointing when companies make such fitted sleeves.

I usually avoid the classic shirt dress for this very reason. I suppose I got too comfortable after being treated so well by brands like Bernie Dexter and Collectif, who both give generous sleeve space. I forgot many do not. Oops.

That aside, though, the dress is just lovely and I enjoy the colors - they will be great in the fall!

I took these photos after Cody and I had Fancy Breakfast. I shared this story on my Instagram stories but for those who missed it, this past weekend was pretty fun (and delicious)! We created Fancy Breakfast a couple weeks ago when Cody decided he wanted to learn how to poach eggs. He has crafted a good scramble, is getting better at omelets, and was looking for something new.

Anyone else getting creative with things to do while quarantined?

So we decided that this past Sunday would be the perfect day for Fancy Breakfast. I made mimosas with a rose cava I had in our fridge (it was actually quite delicious!) and Cody got to action poaching eggs. Somehow, the man mastered it immediately - is there ANYTHING he can't do!? He poached 4 eggs in a row without one reject! I was shocked!

Of course, we didn't stop there. We whipped out some mixed greens, sliced up some tomato and avocado, toasted some English muffins, and pulled out the ham so we could make Eggs Benedict. Did we even try our hand at making a hollandaise sauce? You BET!

It was fun looking forward to our Fancy Breakfast all week. We knew it'd be a gloomy/rainy day so it was just what the day needed. While it was NOT plant-based whatsoever, it was a special treat and was a lot of fun. It reminded us of our vacations in Aruba and Costa Rica where we dined on many fancy breakfasts with lots of mimosas.

What have you been up to while stuck at home? Do anything creative or different to entertain you and your families yet?