Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April Showers... (Collectif x Modern Millie's)

Like many Collectif pieces, I spotted this Demira dress and fell madly in love with it. I bookmarked it and waited because when it comes to Collectif, I try so badly to wait until either the end of summer or end of winter. Why? Because they always have their 50% off everything sale at the end of those seasons and even though it's risky, I try to only buy during their sales so I can get more for my money.

It's hard when things I adore are sold out by then (it happens from time to time) but it usually works out to my advantage and I walk away with some great scores and a restock of my wardrobe for the following season.

That being said, this dress. THIS DRESS. Wow, right? The bold blue, the gingham print, the daisies, the precious little sleeves! Need I go on? I was smitten. I spotted it on Modern Millie's Instagram first and when they had a spontaneous 15% off, I decided to support small business and order from them. Plus, it was just as we plunged into the whole COVID-19 quarantine and I have been in a weird "support my local favs!" mode ever since (but seriously, support your local businesses right now!).

Annoyingly, the night I ordered from Modern Millie's, I saw that Collectif had a surprise 50% off for their anniversary. WTF!? But you know what? It's okay. I am supporting a local woman-run business and besides, Modern Millie's ships SO fast - I got this dress THE NEXT DAY whereas if I ordered from Collectif, well, it'd be a week due to international shipping.

Speaking of quarantine, how's everyone doing? I can't lie, I am A-OK. I'm a homebody and love being at home. So this new reality was not much of an adjustment. Don't get me wrong, I despise working from home but being home 24/7? I'm in my happy place. I have just been playing Animal Crossing on our Switch and sending out queries to literary agents to try to get representation to sell my novel, Pas de Deux. Anyone want to read? I am happy to share a PDF!

The only time I get frustrated with it all is when we have to make a grocery run. We stocked up pretty well, but when we have to go back for produce and such, I get anxious with the lack of stock. I mean, TOFU has been wiped clean at our local store for 3 weeks. TOFU! So that kind of change is unsettling but when I am home, I am GOOD.

However, I will admit that I haven't had much time to really THINK about it as work as been crazier than normal and all my focus has been on that. Coinciding with having to begin working from home full time was a HUGE crunch to finish a new marketplace ASAP (my company builds eCommerce sites for utility companies to sell energy-efficient products!).

The team divvied up the responsibilities and we have been heads down on it ever since, working long days and even over the weekend 2 weeks ago. It has been TOUGH and very challenging but it had to get done! Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

So needless to say, because my time has been consumed by work, I have been kind of jealous seeing others posting about how bored they are or all the ways they are creatively filling their new found free time. I keep thinking to myself, "huh. WHAT free time??" We'll see, I guess. Maybe someday soon I'll have some of that...