Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Lucky Charms (Eva Rose)

When I wore this outfit to work, so many people started asking me when it became Christmas again, which was so funny to me since I felt like I was giving off St. Patrick's Day vibes more than Santa Claus.

I have absolutely zero Irish genetics in my body but hey, why not share a St. Paddy's outfit to get ready for the big day for those who follow me that ARE? Happy St. Patrick's Day season, my peanuts!

There was only one year Cody and I celebrated the holiday. We went to Providence with Andrew and Red and the four of us adventured around the city for the evening. Andrew had scored us a deal on a room at the Biltmore hotel so we didn't have to worry about driving home, which was kind of a cute kismet since 3 or 4 years later, the four of us would all return to the Biltmore for our wedding with Red and Andrew as our maid of honor and best man!

That St. Patrick's Day, I believe we started with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and then went to a few bars - pretty sure one was a hookah bar? I did not enjoy that experience at all but hey, you gotta try new things, right? The guys had way too much fun - I recall Andrew puking in the bathroom when we all tried to call it a night and then Cody sleep walking his way to the bathroom around three am in the nude (I SWEAR I put him to bed in a tee shirt and shorts).

Let's just say we haven't celebrated it since. It was a night that became a funny memory - one I am glad neither Andrew or Red recalled in their speeches at our reception!

I snagged this Eva Rose dress from Modern Millie's a little while back during their big January sale. It was a steal at $27 - how could I NOT? It'd be rude if I didn't add this pretty little thing to my cart. It fits fairly well, with just a little space in the shoulders (as per usual), and I love the low back.

And of course I paired it with one of my berets. I've actually been rocking this green one quite a bit! It's been fun seeing which ones I reach for more than others. The benefits of having a collection to pick from! They currently sit in a hat stack on the back of the arm chair in my dressing room but I would love to hang them up on the wall. They'd look so cute spread out above my bureau!

Does anyone have any fun/unique ways to hang/store hats?