Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Coming Up Roses (Lindy Bop)

Despite the current mania that is the world (let's not even get me started on that), I am feeling the spring fever and was delighted when Lindy Bop reached out about collaborating for the upcoming season again. Have you seen some of the new pretties on their site recently? It was SO hard to choose one thing to feature today.

Ultimately, I chose this Shannon Rose Plaid Check Midi Dress for a few reasons. For one thing, I am ALWAYS down to add another long sleeve dress to my wardrobe to keep me going on cooler days. Bonus points if the sleeves are comfortable and the dress isn't restrictive.

This leads me to my next reason for choosing the Shannon Rose. Lindy Bop has added some new inventive features to their dresses to make them more accommodating when worn. A couple details I noticed in this dress were hidden buttons between the fabric buttons to eliminate gaping for the larger chested gals (YES GENIUS BRAVO!) as well as a slit/space in the back of the dress to allow for full range of motion in your arms.

Many sleeved dresses limit your arm movement and it is so annoying when I can't reach above my head in a dress. LB has thought of this and the extra fabric they included in the back takes care of that issue. I wish I had snapped a photo of the back but I totally forgot (it was a windy day so I wasn't as focused as I would have preferred when shooting) so you'll have to take my word for it.

Overall, I am pretty smitten with this dress. I REALLY like how the top fits me. I chose the UK14/Large based on the size chart and it really does fit well and is accurate. It's fitted but I've got room to breathe. I only have 2 gripes with it - it is SO long on me (I wish it were an inch or two shorter) and the side zipper just sucks. That's nothing new but COME ON. When will brands get their zippers figured out? Ugh!

So what's new, peanuts? Cody and I recently discovered that Rubix (our adopted kitty, for those who don't recall or don't follow me on Instagram) LOVES having the windows open. I mean, sure, most cats do but this is all new to her. We've had the windows open here and there on warmer days and she practically busted through the screens she was pressed up against them so much. I think she loved the fresh air and hearing the birds and other outside noises.

She spent the entire afternoon recently moving from one open window to the next - it was so cute. It made me REALLY excited to let her have free reign of the diner room we have off our kitchen. It's technically a 3 season porch so it's FREEZING out there right now but when it's warmer, we leave the sliding door open and let the breeze come in through all the windows.

Rubix is going to FLIP OUT when she gets to freely explore that room - especially considering the wide windowsill it has wrapped around all the walls. She can prowl all around and lay down in any window she wants!

Man, what a life house cats have. They have it MADE! Nothing to worry about other than snacking, snoozing, and sunbathing. I think I'd like to be reincarnated as a well-loved house cat in my next life.

What about you? Do you have a spirit animal or know what creature you'd prefer to live your next life as?