Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Where the Buffalo Roam... (Collectif)

You know, sometimes I wonder if my blog titles confuse the heck out of people. They don't always make sense. I usually sit here, think of either the name of the dress I'm wearing (or the brand name of the dress I'm wearing) or what is on the print or fabric and whatever comes to mind first becomes the title. In this case, well, this dress is made with a white buffalo plaid fabric, so I started singing "Home on the Range."


While we're on the subject, I don't often prefer buffalo plaid. I love me some plaid - but not of the buffalo sort. Too hunter-like for me. However, when I spotted this dress on the Collectif site during their big 50% sale earlier this month, I paused a moment and went, "Hmm."

I don't have many neutrals in my closet let alone things in black and white but I always appreciate finding dresses with sleeves to keep me cozy during the colder months (which seem to go on FOREVER these days) so I felt the need to consider this one.

The more I looked at the photos, the more inspiration I got. Sure, it's black and white, but I immediately saw how great it would look with ALL the colors. Pick a color, any color and with shoes, bangles, belt, and a beret in that color, this dress would transform!

So here I am - in a black and white buffalo plaid (though, in their defense, Collectif DOES refer to the print as gingham) with a powerful punch of my always reliable red because why the heck not? I am excited to pair this dress with other colors too - particularly green, pink, or bold blue!

By the way, have you noticed an increase of berets in my photos lately? Well, that is because I recently ordered a 12 pack of them in a variety of colors. Yes, you read that right. 12 BERETS! The 12 pack only cost me around $30 on Amazon and was only missing 1 or 2 colors so I snagged those off Amazon to complete the package.

I was inspired to do so after buying 2 berets earlier this winter and loving how they looked. Then a lovely lady named Victoria that I follow on Instagram mentioned buying a 12 pack for herself and I was inspired to up my game. The hashtag practically writes itself: #BeretAllDay

Have you discovered any new accessories or style hacks this winter that you're psyched about?