Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Barking Up the Wrong Tree (Palava)

Do you have a brand/designer that you always admire - but from afar only? Palava is mine. I loved them for ages - through their multiple name changes (I got a skirt from them when they were called Poppy!) and all their new designs.

Why the admiration from afar? Well, the brand is out of London so the international shipping combined with the high price point of their dresses kept them on my admiration list in the last few years. Other than the one skirt, I have really just drooled over every cute print released.

In recent years have I seen some Palava popping up in US stores and that was exciting - however, the price was still up there. Now don't get me wrong, Palava's prices are comparable to other designers and fair - the clothes Palava makes are fantastic quality and very well made. The use nice sturdy fabric and you can tell a lot of care and time goes into each garment. However, I try not to drop $168 or more on one dress.

Recently, Modern Millie's had a big winter sale and this adorable Vivienne dress by Palava was included - for just $66! I scooped it up immediately. I grabbed a size UK14 (using Palava's size chart, I was worried my usual UK12 would be too snug) and was surprised to find it bigger than expected!

I think the UK12 would have fit me fine but I am OK with the extra room - it makes for a very comfortable dress. I ran it through the dryer after washing it the first time to see if it would shrink a bit and while it did, the dress is still roomy. Easy to fix with a cinch of the belt, though!

I noticed Palava has been having a January sale as well and have this dress discounted, too!

While I usually look for bright bold colors, I have to say, these muted wintry colors are just lovely. the green and browns have almost a shimmer to them and I love all the falling leaves dancing around the focus of the print - people walking their dogs in the park. Funny since I do not care for muted/dark colors OR dogs but yet, this dress melted my heart. Hmm...

Coincidentally, as I was shooting this outfit, a chorus of barking dogs greeted me as I posed and snapped away. It sounded so loud but they couldn't have been close - as this building is a business surrounded by parking lots and warehouses - but they were either happy to meet each other or very much the opposite and their barks were echoing loudly against the buildings' walls.

The dogs never came into view so I had to assume they were on leashes or in vehicles and I simply carried on but, boy, did my heart jump into my throat when I first heard them! Dogs make me very nervous (I don't find them cute and I do NOT appreciate being jumped on by dirty heavy paws with those big open drooly mouths and tongues all over the place!) so hopefully none of these photos show my high level of alertness (if that's a real word).

So anyway...have you taken advantage of any of the winter sales lately? Collectif had their bi-annual 50% off sale earlier this month and let's just say I stocked up and saved a ton doing so!