Wednesday, December 18, 2019

A Very Vintage Christmas (Button Button)

Some of you may recognize Button Button and recall that I commissioned her to make my amazing ice cream sundae themed playsuit for Viva East back in July. Well, when she recently shared her haul of round vintage holiday tablecloths and offered them up for custom skirts, I leaped at the chance.

I really loved this one with its scattering of poinsettias and its red border print. I knew it'd make a lovely skirt and a great addition to my holiday attire. While I have been trying to spend less money on clothes lately, I love supporting small businesses - especially ones run by fantastic women!

Miss Clara Button is a delight and I really got to know her when she was working on my playsuit last spring. She really does make beautiful garments and this skirt is no exception - it even has pockets!

As anticipated, it is a beautiful skirt full of holiday cheer and it twirls for days with my ruby red petticoat. I've been wearing it as much as possible since it landed in my mailbox and may have to wear it after Christmas, too. I can't get enough!

It's so amazing to me how things like tablecloths can be re-purposed into clothing. I also love it when seamstresses take vintage sheets or curtain panels and make them into dresses. It feels good knowing that I bought a "new" skirt but it was quite a sustainable purchase as it was made by recycling something old into something new again! It is so great when we can make choices like that and I am all for re-purposing what we have and not adding to landfills.

It was almost TOO challenging deciding how to style this for the blog. When I look at the fabric, I see SO many possibilities and combinations! With the red waistband and border, I wanted to try to get some contrast so I went with a white and green combo on top. Really, though, any festive top would work well! I even have visions of pairing my holly printed Hell Bunny blouse with it!

What do you have planned for the big day next week? When Cody and I bought our home, I invited my parents over to ours for Christmas day, wanting to host it in our new home and repay them for all the years of hosting at theirs. I think they are looking forward to not having to prepare and cook for a change!