Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Winter Bird (Lady V London)

Am I the only Winter Bird around these parts? I love winter. I prefer the colder months over the summer any day. I mean. yeah, winter in New England can get a little old when it's April and we're STILL wearing winter coats but despite that reality, I am happier when it's cold. 

My reasoning is simple. When you're cold, you can layer up and get cozy fairly simply. When you're sweating, there is only so much you can take off to cool down. Cooling down is far more difficult than warming up. I hate feeling sweaty and warm. Cody is the same way. We both run warm and keep a fan blowing in our bedroom all year round for when we sleep! 

The one thing I do miss when it's cold, wet, and rainy (like it was this weekend when photographing this lovely dress from Lady V London) is how simple outfits can be during warmer months. While this outfit was fine for a photo shoot, it was a cold day. Tights and a cardigan would be beneficial when wearing it to work. Sure, in the summer you can throw on a dress, some accessories, shoes, and head out the door. You don't have to consider layers and warmth and sensible shoes. But I don't know, guys, I would still take December or January over July and August - and my birthday is in July! Ha!

My birthday may be in the summer, but it felt like it was my birthday when the Lady V London team reached out to collaborate again. They're one of my favorite brands to collaborate with and we always seem to be on the same wavelength. This Cheryl dress is one of their new releases and the pattern is just so pretty! 

The peacocks and peacock feathers are just so delicate and add such a feminine touch to the bold teal fabric. It gives me some great wintry vibes despite it not having anything winter about it and I knew I had to get one of these pearl covered berets everyone was wearing last winter to go with it. For those wondering, I found this beret on Amazon and it's a great addition to holiday outfits!

So as you can imagine, I am happy that December is on deck and we're counting down to the holidays. It's been a little harder than I anticipated, if I am being honest. I forgot that Thanksgiving and Christmas brings A LOT of pregnancy announcements and boy, has there been so many already! It feels like everyone I know is announcing a pregnancy. I am happy for them all but it stings a bit when I see others announcing their due date - especially when it's the same month that I would have had (April). 

I've been trying to make sure there are fun things to look forward to from now until April - Cody and I are going to New Orleans in a couple weeks, I have a fun Christmas-theme day planned for us in Boston the week before Christmas, and a weekend in NYC with my sister, Emma, at the end of December. Then this spring I have tickets to see Mandy Moore in concert in March as well as Iliza Shlesinger (one of our favorite comedians) in April. 

Maybe if I flood myself with excitement and joy, it will outweigh the bitterness and anger. Let's hope!