Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Autumn Leaves (Miss Fortune UK)

Anyone else really off-kilter when it comes to the calendar? I am aware that it's the second week of November but I'm speaking about December events as if it's right around the corner. It may be because we had our annual Friendsgiving this past weekend and it made it feel as though Thanksgiving was already on our heels, but the last few months have been equally as all over the place in my head.

Obviously, it's been a bit of a crazy fall for us. When you go through a trauma, time kind of bends and doesn't line up right. All fall it was shocking to me that we were already nearing Halloween. I had no idea where September went and October didn't feel like a real month.

And now, here we are, in what feels like the LONGEST November ever (it actually IS a long one - look at the calendar! We have 5 Saturdays this month!) and I'm mentally already in the first few days of December. Moral of the story? Don't ask me what day or time it is. I may just tell you it's 40 o' clock on this fine Zuesday.

Among all of this loss of time nonsense, I jumped at ordering this Autumnal skirt from Miss Fortune UK. While it was released in time for Halloween, I see it as a skirt for the entirety of fall and winter. While there are some pumpkins and some creepy ghost-like figures in the dying trees, it is a very subtle print and it just gives me fall and winter woods vibes.

I wore this for Friendsgiving and snapped these photos before the guests arrived. I knew I didn't need to bundle up (hence why this seems styled more for summer than November) as we had 16 people joining us for dinner and I would not be cold once they all arrived!

My favorite thing about ordering from Miss Fortune is how flexible the team is with sizing. Because the dresses and skirts are all handmade locally, if you need a custom size, you can ask for it! This is the second time I have communicated with the Miss Fortune team about needing a custom size (medium would be too tight, large would be a bit big) and just by chance, they had a skirt with my measurement already made from when they photographed it for the website! I love their flexibility and nothing beats a made to order piece of clothing. The quality is just SO much better than something mass produced. 

As for my blouse? Sorry, you won't be able to find it - it came from my Bubbie's closet! While it is definitely not vintage (she kicks herself about the fact that she didn't save much of her clothes from the 50's/60's/70's), it is probably from the 80's and it's still an adorable find.

Every so often she'll show me a top or jewelry to see if I have interest. I love taking anything she is willing to offer!

How about you? Do you like to style any of your grandmother's clothes?